Accumulation Manipulation PO3 and MMXM

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Much is said about the market maker or manipulation of price, but there aren't many indicators that try to show this, until now.

Using an easily customisable, but intelligent algorithm, this indicator tries to find and highlight when price is 'ranging', or 'accumulating'. It does this by looking at changes in price and quantifying the strength of the change, based on current and historical changes, and can therfore decide if price is staying in range or breaking out. By showing this on the chart several approaches can be taken.

Simply, you can trade within the range, and also trade breakouts of the range, knowing that price will react at these range 'levels'.

Alternatively, you can use the accumulation boxes to try and identify MMXM models, that is Market Maker Buy and Market Maker Sell Models, where price moves in phases of consolidation, smart money reversal and re-accumulation.

Finally, using the manipulation detection option, you can try to identify when a sudden change in price is actually manipulation by institutions, and plan to trade the distribution phase accordingly. This accumulation, manipulation, distribution is also known as Power of 3, PO3.

This indicator does not try to teach any of these ideas, only help to visualise them on the chart, and as such should not be considered financial advice.

Release Notes:
Changed default for 'Show Manipulation' setting to True / On.

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