HEG 7-25-99 Average Entry Strategy v3

HEG 7-25-99 Average Entry Strategy icin versiyon 3, kod herkes icin aciktir.

The version 3 for HEG 7-25-99 Average Entry Strategy with open code.

eski versiyonu/old version:

“HEG 7-25-99 Average Entry Strategy” is developed for daily period and alt-coins.

The “BUY” signal shows up when the fast average (default SMA-7) is above the slow average (default SMA-25), and the current close price is lower than the long average (default SMA-99) but it is still higher than 0.9 times of the long average.

So Buy condition: “SMA-99 > price > SMA-7 > SMA-25” and “price > 0.9*SMA-99”

The conditions could be modified as desired.

The strategy is developed by HEG (@HEG__ on twitter)

//// Turkish ////

HEG 7-25-99 ortalama giris sistemi gunluk grafikte alt-koinler icin gelistirilmistir.

“AL” sinyali 7-periyotlu basit ortalama 25-periyotlu basit ortalamanin uzerinde ve kapanis fiyati 99-periyotlu basit ortalamanin altinda ama hala bu ortalamanin yuzde 90’ninin uzerindeyken cikar.

Al kosulu: “SMA-99 > kapanis fiyat > SMA-7 > SMA-25” ve “kapanis fiyat > 0.9*SMA-99”

Kosullar istege gore ayarlanabilinir.

Bu strateji HEG (@HEG__ twitter) tarafindan gelistirilmistir.


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