Simple Buy/Sell Strategy

This is the strategy version of the original 'Simple Buy/Sell Indicator' by @Shizaru .

The original indicator description explains the logic behind the strategy:

"The original script was posted on ProRealCode by user Doctrading.

This little and simple code allows you to draw an indicator, which show you when buy or sell conditions are met.
For "buy" conditions, I did just set :
close > MM200
close > Parabolic SAR
MACD > 0
RSI7 > 50
For "sell" conditions : the opposite.

Of course, you can set what you want, in order to test your strategies.
Of course, to be profitable, you must also set your trading rules (entry, stop loss, trailing stop, take profit, etc.)
It's only an indicator, which doesn't show entry or exit rules."

Hope this helps someone!
Release Notes: *Updated default buy/sell strategy variables.
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