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Power of Three ( PO3 ) is one of the many concepts introduced by the Inner Circle Trader, and inspired by Larry Williams .
The PO3 represents a three staged Smart Money campaign: Accumulation, Manipulation, and Distribution ( AMD ).
This tool helps to build narrative, as well as spotting important institutional levels.

ICT traders assume that this pattern represents how any candle is built.
This is applicable to every time measurement, as long as you have a beginning time, the highest value, the lowest value, and an ending in terms of measuring time.

Consider the development of a Bullish Candle over Time:
Candle Open (initial value price, prior to dynamic imbalance)
Accumulation of longs around the opening price
Manipulation where short liquidity is engineered and long liquidity is neutralized
Range Expansion (dynamic price imbalance)
Distribution pairing long exits with pending buy interest
Candle Close (ending value price, post dynamic imbalance)

The same goes for the development of Bearish Candles, in reverse.

Indicator Features:
The HTF Power of Three° Pro+ Indicator allows to monitor the selected Higher Timeframe Candles in real time:
– Follow HTF Candle development Live
– Plot unlimited HTF Candles on the current resolution
– Use NY Midnight time as the Candle Open on Daily and Weekly timeframes
– Spot HTF PD Arrays while on a lower timeframe
– See where the HTF Open, High, and Low are in the current lower resolution with high precision
– Know when the HTF candle is supposed to Close by monitoring its own countdown (below 1D)
– Note previous HTF Low to High ranges to gain a deeper understanding of LTF market profiles

Additional Features:
– Choose between Candles and Bars to display your HTF PO3s
– Hover on the open and close of past HTF candles to see their OHLC and Range values
– Resize and offset HTF candles to your liking
– Stack multiple instances on the indicator to show multiple higher timeframes at once on the same layout
– Backtest strategies with two (or more) timeframes on one chart
– Study and backtest PO3 in Replay Mode with ease
– Trade PO3 with confidence without needing multiple layouts

Indicator In Action:

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Release Notes:
– added Correlated market PO3
– added an On Chart option for HTF PO3 Info
Release Notes:
Monitor HTF Correlated Market on the same chart.
– Plot Correlated Market to Scale
– Spot SMTs
– Easily Determine Leading Market
– Easily Determine Heaviest Market
– Visualize Displacement
Release Notes:
Rollback: removed Correlated Market PO3.
Release Notes:
Bug Fix: NY time countdown for daily candle was still displaying normal time countdown. Should be fixed – let me know :)
Release Notes:
Bug Fix: further countdown adjustments
Release Notes:
Bug Fix: settlement candle mechanic is not feasible on some instruments – removed for now.
Release Notes:
Bug Fix: New York Time higher candles were not accurate in specific conditions, fixed
Update: tool now allows negative Offset to make bars closer to current timeframe chart
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
Bug Fix: further optimized NY Time Opens. Some timeframes seem to be problematic (i.e. 30min) – investigating further

Note: the previous projections of NY time opens look like they are plotting incorrectly in terms of Time on some timeframes, however their price levels are correct – investigating further.
Notice on this H4, where midnight NY is "inside" the H4 candle. The Open level in RED is at the correct price, however the plot time is delayed.

Report any bugs to me and I will fix them right away, GLGT!
Release Notes:
Bug Fix: previous candle projection O/C Time was plotting incorrectly, fixed.
Release Notes:
Bug Fix – all previous issues are fixed, temporary unavailability of the Low/High Love projection lines – will be fixed asap.
Release Notes:
Optimization: made script quicker to load.
Release Notes:
Major Update:
Any Timeframe can now be plotted starting from New York Midnight Time.

Note – this does not hold the "through candle" behaviour yet, to avoid inconsistencies please select Timeframes that are divisible by each other:
❌ 90m PO3 -> 1H Chart
✅ 90m PO3 -> 15m Chart
Release Notes:
Temporary: disabled NY Time behaviour for non-Futures markets while we work on some weird behaviour. Thank you for your patience!
Release Notes:
Bug Fix
  • Seconds Compatibility Enabled
  • Major Bug with Plotting Resolved
  • Info Table Size Customization (highly requested by mobile users)

Coming Soon:
  • Refined Intra-Candle New York Time
  • More Style Customization
Release Notes:
Updated Tool Image
Release Notes:
Bug Fix
  • "On Chart" Info now shows correctly
Release Notes:
Bug Fix
  • Seconds Timeframe Issues
Release Notes:
Bug Fix
  • Table Timeframe was not showing correctly
Release Notes:
Bug Fix
  • Single Candle Projections plot properly now
  • Single Bar Projections plot properly now
  • Bar Plotting unwanted lines removed
  • Time in the Info Table brought back to original larger look
Release Notes:
Bug Fix
  • OHLC Labels were not displaying the right prices, fixed
Release Notes:
Updated Picture
Release Notes:
Bug Fix: Weekly and above PO3 Timeframes were not showing the desired amount of HTF candles, fixed
Release Notes:
To see changes, please remove the HTF Power of Three from the chart, refresh your browser or TV app, then re-add to the chart!

Bug Fix: labels were showing inaccurate prices.
Release Notes:
To see the updated version, remove and re-add the tool to your chart.
  • Added NY Midnight Open for Weekly PO3
  • Countdown of Weekly and above candles now include Days
  • Minor Bug Fixes

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