Display Trade Volume with MA Angle and Price Velocity

This Pine Script indicator is designed to provide traders with a visual representation of trade volume, moving average (MA) angle, and price velocity on a chart. The primary components of this indicator are:

Trade Volume: The indicator compares the current bar's trade volume with the average volume over a user-defined lookback period. The volume is displayed as either "Low" or "Trade" in a table, with red or green background color, respectively, to indicate whether it's below or above the average volume.

MA Angle: The indicator calculates the angle of the moving average (either Simple, Exponential, or Hull) over a user-defined length. A positive angle is shown in green, while a negative angle is shown in red. The angle is displayed in degrees in the table.

Price Velocity: This component calculates the velocity of price movement by comparing the difference between high and low prices over a user-defined lookback period. It then displays the velocity as either "Slow" or "Fast" in the table, with red or green background color, respectively, depending on whether it's below or above the average difference.

The indicator also includes alert conditions for high and low volume situations, notifying the trader when the current bar's volume is significantly higher or lower than the average volume.
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