This library supplies a randomized list of 1-Move Chess Puzzles, this is 5/5 in my collection of puzzles on Tradingview.

This library contains 730 chess puzzles, this is enough for 1 unique chess puzzle for 2 years (730/365 = 2)

The Puzzles are sourced from Lichess's open-source database found here -> |

This data has been reduced to only included 1-Move chess puzzles with a popularity rating of > 70, and condensed for ease of formatting and less characters.

The reduced format of the data in this library reads:

"Puzzle Code, Modified FEN, Moves, Puzzle Rating, Popularity Rating"

Puzzle Code: Lichess Codes Identifying each puzzle, this allows them to be retrieved from their website based on this Code.

Modified FEN: Forsyth-Edwards Notation is the standard notation to describe positions of a chess game. This includes the active move tacked onto the end after the last '/', this simplifies the process to retrieve the active move in PineScript.

Moves: This holds the first move seen by the player in the puzzle (opposite color), and then the correct next move which is Puzzle Solution, that the player is trying to determine.

Puzzle Rating: Difficulty Rating of the Puzzle, Generally speaking | Under 1500 = Beginner | 1500 to 1800 Casual | 1800 to 2100 Intermediate | 2100+ Advanced

Popularity Ranking: This is the popularity ranking calculated by lichess based on their own data of user feedback.

Note: After Reducing the amount of data down to only 1-Move puzzles with a popularity rating of > 70%, there is still around 340k puzzles. (Enough for over 900 Years!)

> Functions[/b
Returns the list of chess puzzle data.

Pine library

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