PTF_HighLowPricePercentage for Profit Trailer Feeder

This indicator plots out the values for "HighLowPricePercentage" and "LongerTermHighLowPricePercentage" as used in Profit Trailer Feeder.
It has an option to switch from "MinutesToMeasureTrend" (Short) to "MinutesForLongerTermTrend" (Long).
Release Notes: I had a request to add a "Tip Jar" for those who wanted to express their thanks for these indicators.
So if you want to say thanks, then you're welcome:

LTC Tip Jar: LX4bUBdjiRPsagUbZoAczSGgDC4YqTJL7w
Release Notes: Added the medium term time frame for "MinutesToMeasureMediumTrend".
Release Notes: Added the ability to see all three lines at once
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Hi, Could you state a few words in plain english about the formula for this script? I read the PTF configuration documentation for it and I understand the logic when I contemplate it analytically, but perhaps I need a metaphor to understand when to apply such a calculation in order to offset a buy/sell value.