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This is a Signal Indicator that emits signals based on mouse clicks when the indicator is added to the chart, or later on in the "Settings/Inputs" tab by changing/selecting the open time of the desired bar of each one of the signals.
It is designed to be used as an External Input for the "Template Trailing Strategy" to verify the correctness of the features the aforementioned script offers, and to provide an easy way to play around with this framework.
Last but not least this script offers a way to debug and report problems when this is necessary. Moreover, this script is a simple example you can copy-paste and create your own custom signal indicator that can be "plugged into"
the "Template Trailing Strategy" taking advantage of all the fancy stuff the TTS framework can provide!
To connect this signal indicator to the TTS you have to change the "Deal Conditions Mode" to '🔨External' and the 'External Input 🛈➡' to 'CSI:🔌Signal' in the TTS "Settings/Inputs" tab. For more information check the "Template Trailing Strategy - Part 02" video tutorial.
Release Notes:
  • Use crossover time condition instead of equal to better adjust in higher timeframes that don't have the exact given time as a close time.
Release Notes:
Update internal libraries
Release Notes:
Refactor and update internal libraries
Release Notes:
Update internal libraries

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