Alligator: Three signals confirmation with Alerts

Hello Trading Viewers,

The following is the William’s Alligator indicator with alerts indicating strong momentum, it can be used for scalping in lower time-frames or just riding the momentum in 1hr or 4hrs charts.

Input choices are:
1. Source of Data: Open, Low, High, Close, HL2, HLC3 and so on.
2. Simple and Exponential are the two choices of moving averages.
3. Lips, Teeth and Jaws input numbers are Fibonacci numbers with offsets from -4 to +4.
4. Up Momentum and Down Momentum signals will be plotted top and bottom of the charts respectively when conditions are met.

Idea used to confirm strong momentum

When (High + Low / 2) price is greater than Alligator’s Lips, Teeth, and Jaws, it is considered as a good time to go long; however, to strengthen the idea, the up-momentum condition needs to be approved three times consecutively. (Three consecutive candle bars should remain above Lips, Teeth, and Jaws to trigger an alert signal and plot Up- momentum shape on the charts)

The same idea with down-momentum, but the condition (High + Low / 2) price should be less than Alligator’s Lips, Teeth, and Jaws.

There is an alert set-up, once strong momentum is spotted it will send an alert once per bar close. You can relax and run an errand when the alert is not triggered.

Happy Trading!
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