Ichimoku-Hausky_v2 Trading System

Made a new version of my trading system. I have added a cloud that is made with 45 EMA and 104 MA. Now you can choose where to set trailing stop. As shown in the example you set trailing stop under the cloud.

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//Created By User Hausky

study(title="Ichimoku-Hausky_v2", shorttitle="Ichi-Hausky_v2", overlay=true)
turningPeriods = input(50, minval=1, title="Tenkan-Sen")
standardPeriods = input(100, minval=1, title="Kinjun-Sen")
EMA  = input(45, minval=1, title="EMA")
MA  = input(104, minval=1, title="MA")
sts = input(true, title="Show Tenkan-Sen")
sks = input(true, title="Show Kinjun-Sen")

//Definitions for Tenkan-Sen (50 Period), Kinjun-Sen (100 Period)
donchian(len) => avg(lowest(len), highest(len))
turning = donchian(turningPeriods)
standard = donchian(standardPeriods)

//Plot Kijun-sen and Tenkan-sen
plot(sts and turning ? turning : na, title = 'Tenkan-Sen', linewidth=2, color=green)
plot(sks and standard ? standard : na, title = 'Kinjun-Sen', linewidth=2, color=blue)

//Definitions for EMA
fPivot = ((high + low + close)/3)
fEMA    = ema(fPivot, EMA)

//Definitions for MA
cMA = sma(close, MA)

//Plot EMA and MA cloud
p1=plot(fEMA, color=fuchsia, title="EMA", linewidth=2)
p2=plot(cMA, color=orange, title="MA", linewidth=2)

fill(p1, p2, color=blue, transp=75)