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Wick play is a candle stick long setup popularized by 2020 US Investing Champion Oliver Kell
Wick Play is a setup in which:
  • Strong stock with momentum to the upside closes off the highs of the day in yesterdays session.
  • Today's session opens in the candle "wick" of yesterdays bar.
  • If stock holds in the wick and doesn't trade in the body of yesterdays candle, it is a sign of strength.
  • Trigger happens on day 3 when price moves over the high of the wick inside day.
It is important to note that this setup should not be traded in isolation. Not every wick play is buyable.
This is to be used in the context of strong stocks like True Market Leaders and with buying momentum behind them.

Indicator places an up arrow under the candle setup. It also colors the candle itself. All configurable through indicator settings.
Release Notes:
Made a small updated to code description.

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