Swing Algo V1.1

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Here I present an upgrade to 'Swing Algo V1'. For differences to V1, see below.

This indicator can be used for e.g. swing algorithmic trading. It will give Buy/Long and Sell/Short signals on the chart. This algorithm uses a combination of several (custom) functions and rules to find good entry points for trend trading. After many iterations and tests I came up with this particular setup, which is highly optimized for the $ETH/$USD trading pair on the daily (D) timeframe. It is however possible to change algorithmic parameters within the indicator settings to tune this swing algorithm for other assets and timeframes. You don't need any programming skills or similar abilities to navigate this indicator.

Also you can choose the backtest time interval to test the perfomance of this algorithm for different time windows and different trading pairs. Here various backtesting parameters (e.g. trading fees) can be customized. Additionally to the TradingView Strategy Tester you can also plot your equity directly on the chart to get a sense for the performance. For this you can also scale the equity graph to e.g. match the starting point of your equity with some price point on the chart to get a direct comparison to 'Buy & Hold' strategies over time.

Note: In general it seems that cryptocurrencies are rather swing-algorithm-friendly, while I cannot recommend trading classical assets like stock or indices (e.g. S&P 500) with this indicator (although you can of course try to find good setups).

This indicator (and all other content I provide) is no financial advice. If you use this indicator you agree to my Terms and Conditions which can be found on my Twitter profile linked on my TradingView profile or in my signature.

Differences to Swing Algo V1:

- Changed the oscillator part of the algorithm with a better suited one (at least) for the ETH/USD trading pair.
- Improved net profits by roughly 20% in comparison to V1 for ETH/USD on daily timeframe
- Reduced Max. Drawdown by roughly 1/4 in comparison to V1 for ETH/USD on daily timeframe
- However for other assets and timeframes V1 might perform better than V1.1. I leave you with both options to play so that you can find the best solution for a given trading pair.

For access please contact me via DM on TradingView or on Twitter (linked on my TradingView profile and my signature). People who purchased access to any 'Swing Algo 1.x' get access to all other 'Swing Algo V1.x' indicators automatically ('Swing Algo V1' counts as 'Swing Algo V1.0').
Release Notes:
Updated input parameters accommodating for newer data, as well as reduced the backtest range to only start at the 1st of July 2017, excluding the main portion of the bullrun in 2017 to make results more realistic.

Please note that for long-term swing algorithmic trading the ETH/USD pair on daily (D) time frame, it is currently recommended to use Swing Algo V1.2 or V1.3, where more informations can be found in their respective indicator descriptions.

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