Guppy Waves

A lightweight version of the popular "Moving Average Ribbon" or "Guppy" indicators where the visuals are plotted as "waves" rather than moving average lines. As is customary for my indicators, nearly everything about it is user selectable.

Visual Features:
  • User Customizable Colors
  • RSI-Based Rainbow Color Scheme
  • Simple Offset for adjusting transparency
  • Create great-looking charts very easily

Moving Average Options:
  • Running (SMoothed) Moving Average (RMA or SMMA ) - very slow/smooth
  • Simple Moving Average ( SMA )
  • Exponential Moving Average ( EMA )
  • Weighted Moving Average ( WMA )
  • Volume-Weighted Moving Average ( VWMA )
  • Triple EMA ( TEMA ) - very fast
  • Exponential Hull Moving Average (EHMA) - Hull with Smoothing (Slower than Hull)
  • Least Squares Moving Average ( LSMA ) - Simple Linear Regression
  • Arnaud Legoux Moving Average ( ALMA ) - Adjustable, set offset=1 to be current, offset=0.85 for good smoothing
  • Hull Moving Average ( HMA ) - very fast
  • Tillson T3 - very smooth
  • Donchian Moving Average - plots the average of (lowest, highest) for a given period length

The user can change the source, period, and type of moving average used for every single line on the chart.
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