Adaptive Fisher

This fisher provides:
* Fixed and adaptive calculation lengths
* Adaptive overbought / oversold levels
* Fixed overbought / oversold levels derived from analysis of fisher over 20k bars.
* Automatic divergence detection with two different calculation lengths.
* Automatic momentum shift detection.
* 3 different visual modes.
Release Notes: Fixed a bug.

Release Notes: .
Release Notes: Added option to highlight extremes
Few plotting bug fixes
Release Notes: Div logic changes
default mode set to adaptive period
Release Notes: Updated the divergence calculation, now 1 bar offset instead of 3 baby.
Release Notes: Add alerts for divergences
Release Notes: add pivot alerts
Release Notes: Add new fisher mode.
Release Notes: add option to only calculate divergences on extremeties
Release Notes: added alerts

added calculation source input option.
Release Notes: add bar coloring when divergences are detected.
Release Notes: bump
Release Notes: fixed bar coloring offset.
Release Notes: Added Symbol Input Option to view signals on correlated assets.
IE: Volatility indexes.
Release Notes: Update volatility calculations and fix symbol bug.

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