CroSel Algo Normal

This is an adjustable algorithm. You can change the speed of the signals. Since this is to be used with the other slow algo, it's recommended to use this at the current setting (2 and 2) or faster setting (3 and 3 or 4 and 4). 2 and 2 will give you longer holds.

It will color the candles according to whether the algo is bullish (turquoise) or bearish (red).

Also this will show you wear you can make long trades when the stock is in a downtrend. However it is generally easier to make a long trade when the stock is in an uptrend. The vice-versa is also true if you want to use this for shorting stocks.

How to use it:

Yes, it is as simple as buy when it says to buy and sell when it says to sell. However. There are always other things to be aware of. This indicator comes with two indicators: 1) the slow algo and 2) other indicators.

The slow algo (or ADX ) will generally determine when the trend is starting. That is when you should use the Normal algo to listen to the signals.

The other indicators contains an indicator called "Channel breakout". It's similar to drawing trendlines . I recommend setting it to 5 (and possibly using it to help you draw trendlines ). I have found that the buy signals during a downtrend which also result in channel breakout can be good indicator of when to buy. These buy signals will likely be the last of a downtrend, so they're actually excellent places to buy. The trouble is spotting them is difficult and there is also the issue of false breakouts. For that reason, the slow algo and the normal algo are really the best signals to use.

These indicators are meant for any market where price and time are on each axis and can be used in a downtrend or uptrend. It's highly recommended to test the indicators thoroughly before using so that you get a feel for how you'll want to use them.

Along with all my indicators, I have a great technique for stock selection which I will be sharing with anyone who purchases this indicator. To give you an example of how effective my technique is have a look at MSTR , ANY, or LVOX on July 30th. This technique I've developed found those 3 and many others.
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