Blockunity Trend Identifier (BTI)

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As the name implies, this indicator identifies the trend of an asset with several configurable elements, including moving averages and trend following clouds. In addition, it summarizes the status of the different trend following elements in a simple box to save time. Finally, it comes with signals to give information about potential market reversals.

Usage Advice
There are no specific guidelines for this indicator. It works on all time units and all assets. We still recommend that you use your logarithmic chart for a better visualization, but this is optional.
Avoid displaying too many elements at the same time so that the graph does not become unreadable and prefer to look at the box containing the information of the different elements directly.

The Different Elements
On your chart, you can first find two moving averages:
  • The Volatility-Adjusted MA (VAMA) is an evolved moving average that takes into account the volatility of the asset to better reflect the state of the market.
  • The Zero Lag EMA is a moving average designed to quickly detect changes in the market in order to be aware as soon as possible of a potential interruption in the current trend.

You can then display several types of trend following clouds:
  • The Adjusted Cloud is by default formed by the 100 and 200 moving averages and then adjusted by a calculation to give better results.
  • Then we have the Fibonacci Cloud, a trend-following cloud calculated with the well-known Fibonacci sequence.
  • Finally, it is possible to display 4 trend following clouds called Vegas, which are formed by default by the 144 and 233 moving averages. Each of these clouds is on its own time unit (1h, 4h, 1d, 1w).

The Different Signals
It is also possible to display several types of signals on your chart:
  • Those coming from the trend change of the Volatility-Adjusted MA.
  • Zero Lag EMA tendency changes signals.
  • The Filtered VAMA Signals give the trend changes of the Volatility-Adjusted MA, while filtering with the trend state of the Zero Lag EMA.
  • The Combined VAMA & Zero Lag Signals also aim to apply a kind of filtering, but by combining all the signals given by these two moving averages.
Release Notes:
  • Added tooltips for all the parameters.
  • Added a parameter to change the opacity of the table. Added a default opacity.
  • Added an option to offset the labels to not hide the price candles.
Release Notes:
  • Allow color changes in the design parameters of the indicator.
  • Code optimization
Release Notes:
  • Modification of the VAMA calculation to avoid the starting peak and allow it to start earlier, as well as optimizing its overall signals.
Release Notes:
  • New data table design. Moreover, it is now fully configurable.
  • A few other design adjustments.
Release Notes:
Addition of an alerting system. This alert can be activated by setting the condition "Blockunity Trend Identifier (BTI)" and selecting "Any alert() function call". The alerts sent are as follows:
  • Combined buy or sell signal.
  • Bullish Vegas Daily cross.
  • Bearish Vegas Daily cross.

Other Updates:
  • Signals are no longer displayed by default.
  • Vegas Weekly is now displayed by default.
  • Settings reorganization.
  • Code optimization.
Release Notes:
  • Added a language selector to switch between English and French.
  • Added a mode selector for the VAMA to switch its setup.
  • Vegas Cloud colors are now customizable.
  • Added a setting (enabled by default) to colorize Vegas Clouds according to their trend.
  • Added a setting to display only Vegas Cloud data in the table.
  • Added two separate columns for Vegas Clouds in the table, one indicating the cloud trend, and the other showing whether the price is above, below or within each cloud.
  • Corrected indications and display when an asset lacks history for plotting some elements.
  • Various design enhancements.
Release Notes:
Modification of the alert system. The alerts are now as follows:
  • Daily Vegas Cloud is now {Bullish/Bearish}.
  • Daily Vegas Cloud {bullish/bearish} retest in progress.
Release Notes:
  • Addition of signals from Vegas Daily (can be activated from parameters).
  • Removed signals from Zero Lag EMA alone.
  • Vegas Daily alerts optimized.
Release Notes:
  • Added data and display (via parameters) of 3 Ichimoku system elements: Tenkan Sen, Kijun Sen, Ichimoku Cloud.
  • Adjusted Cloud and Fibonacci Cloud status corrected when chart lacks history.
  • Due to certain limitations, the following elements can no longer be displayed: Combined VAMA & Zero Lag Signals, Fibonacci Cloud.

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