Log-space Ichimoku Cloud

This indicator uses identical calculation to Ichimoku indicator except performed in log-space. This is helpful for long-term and highly volatile charts.
Release Notes: drop 1st candle for stability in the beginning
Release Notes: custom lowest/highest functions to make indicator usable from the beginning of the price history (may be less accurate during this time)
Release Notes: update chart
Release Notes: Allow user to specify how many candles to drop, also allow to turn off log scaling if needed
Release Notes: Bring back lagging span (got lost in the process)
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Comparison with the built-in Ichimoku indicator:
Awesome. Will take a look. Still starting... Price over green clouds good, or is it red? And, vice-versa...
fskrypt shrwn
@shrwn, correct, above green cloud = bullish
shrwn fskrypt
@fskrypt, Awesome—thanks!