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- Swing Dream -

Script created for breakout-swing traders, in the style of QullaMaggie *, Dan Zanger, Oliver Kell, and Stockbee.
The following indicators are used by most successful breakout-swing traders such as mentioned above.

(As published) it contains:
  • Painted Bars, also known as inside/outside candles. Used for candle analysis and to determine breakout pivots & levels. For instance; use it in different timeframes and seek formations (ex, 3-1-2). For further inspiration, study Rob Smith's The Strat.
  • MA, Simple Moving Averages (Basic levels = 10,20,50,200). Use this indicator to define resistance/support areas as well as the overall long/swing-term trend. In breakout strategies such as EP, Flags, etc this can be used for trailing stops; an example, post-breakout, let the price ride the 20ma before exiting your position.
  • EMA, Exponential Moving Averages with periods inspired by Qullamaggie (10,20,65). Use this on shorter timeframes (ex, 1h) and for the same principles as MAs.
  • VWAP, Volume-Weighted Average Price. As for the previous, utilize this as a level indicator to find areas of resistance/support. Good for swing-trading as it implies whenever holders are profitable or not.
  • DMA, Displaced Moving Average (Horizontal). Personally, I use this a lot. Works very well for trailing stops (post breakout) and "bounce" areas. Choose your own offset and period.
  • ADR%, Average Daily Range Percentage. Displayed in the table and used to define a symbol's volatility. A very good tool for Qullamaggie-style trading. Personally, I try to find setups with over 6% ADR. Basic definition; low ADR% = Increased chance of a symbol to move slower and in smaller ranges. A higher value equals the opposite.
  • Table. A table with basic symbol-related information. Could save you plenty of time whenever you scan or search for new swing setups. Looking to add more features here.
Why should you use this script? Well, instead of having tens of different indicators, use this script and combine everything together with EP, Flag, or breakout principles. Suited for every plan, and more efficient in my opinion.

View settings to turn on/off different indicators.

* If you're looking for an introduction and further explanation of how Qullamaggie uses mentioned indicators, I could recommend checking out his website, stream, or participation in "Chat With Traders".

At last, I want to credit: @jkcqld @neolao @TheScrutiniser

This Script will get updated and improved.

Release Notes:
Indicator-name changed.
Release Notes:
* TABLE, looking to add turnover, RVOL%, performance, and more...
Release Notes:
- Small fixes
- Added custom MA function
Release Notes:
Small fixes.
Thanks @TheScrutiniser.
Release Notes:
You can now choose the position of the table.
Will add adjustable size soon...
Release Notes:
Float is a bit incorrect from true value, looking to fix that
Release Notes:
Added Stockbee's famous TI65-ratio to the table, which is based on (7-daily-SMA/65-daily-SMA).
You can use this value to find low-risk entries in an uptrend or during breakouts.
Seek a TI65 value > 1.05 (5%).
See Stockbee's blog for more knowledge

Ps. Will add an option to disable curtain values on the table.
Release Notes:
You can now choose to enable or disable TI65 in settings under category Table
Release Notes:
Quick Fix.
Release Notes:
New features
  • Average Dollar Volume based on the 10-daily average. Use this to identify and determine volume strength.
  • Todays Dollar Volume. Simple as it sounds.
Could be some bugs.
Release Notes:
Bug Fixes.
Release Notes:
New Fix
  • Volume is now displayed in K or M
    Thanks @bobbertoswald for the feedback.
Release Notes:
Quick fix.
Release Notes:
New Features
  • You will now be able to choose between, 10,14,20 Daily Volume Average in the table. Use this for your own preferences.
Thanks again @bobbertoswald for the feedback.
Release Notes:
New Fix
  • Average and Daily Dollar Volume is now displayed in K, M, B
Release Notes:
New Feature - Condition Table!
Use this new demo condition table as a tool for faster manual screening. Fully customizable. Looking to add more conditions soon, but for now, they are:
  • ADR%. Standard condition of 5% ADR.
  • Moving Averages. Choose between, 50-200, 200, or custom moving average. Standard is 50-200.
  • TI65. Like Stockbee we use a standard value of 1.05.
  • ER. If recent earnings were a beat in both revenue and EPS, the box will turn green.
Whenever the condition is fulfilled the box will turn green, otherwise red.
Other than that, some small fixes.
Release Notes:
Small fix.
Release Notes:
Small fix.
Release Notes:
IBD - RS rating
Added Relative Strength (RS) to both tables. Use this to determine symbol strength compared to sector or index.
The RS rating is more weighted towards 3-month than six, nine, or twelve.
Choose your own condition value or use the standard Minervini format of greater than 70.
You will also be able to choose your own benchmark in settings.
Release Notes:
Small fix.
Release Notes:
To be clear, the IBD type of RS-Rating was added in the previous version, therefore it couldn't be compared to any benchmark whatsoever.
However, in this version you'll be able to Plot an RS - line compared to index
Choose the color, benchmark, and vertical offset in settings.
Have a great day.
Release Notes:
This is how it should look at the current state with the RS-line (blue). Comment if anything is false.

Release Notes:
Updated condition list
Earnings are now displayed in either orange, green, or red.
Green = if both EPS and REVENUE were beaten.
Orange = if either EPS or REVENUE were beaten.
Red = if both EPS or REVENUE missed.
Release Notes:
ER could also be displayed in;
Gray = If ER data is unavailable.
Release Notes:
New condition
  • Added EP opening 5 range low. Can be used for opening gap ups and to filter out opening strength. It will show red if it broke down the opening 5-minute candle, and green if not.

Also some small fixes
Release Notes:
  • Custom EMA
  • Small fixes

If you're looking for any improvements or add-ons, reach out.
Release Notes:
Small Fix*
Release Notes:
My bad, the IBD rating was a special RS.
Everything is now fixed.

  • Added correct IBD RS into the condition and standard table.
  • Added TechFille RS (old RS) into the condition and standard table.

More adjustments are coming soon.
PS. You could disable them both in settings.
Release Notes:
** TechFille RS is based on a shorter timeframe formula and could be used to determine swing trends in terms of RS.
Release Notes:
Bigger Update

Value Table
  • New improved IBD RS % calculation. Usually, IBD RS is measured and given a rank between 1-99. This is not possible on TV, although this is close enough.

Condition Table
  • Condition Table is now movable
  • Earnings should now display correctly.
  • New IBD-RS is now correct with a base value of 65.

  • Added Caruso EMAs (8+21)... You could still build your personal EMA setup using both Qullas + Caruso + Custom (If needed) settings, and then disable wanted in "Style".
  • Hide Tag ... :(
  • Setting typos.
  • Fixed correct simple MA values.
  • Fixed correct RS line plotting.

More updates are coming soon: RVOL%, Turnover, Size Adjustments, Table Disables, and more...

Feel free to follow me on twitter for updates,

Release Notes:
Release Notes:
Here we go again...

I forgot half of the IBD code...
Now it should be correct. Choose your IBD RS % Benchmark in settings.
The base value in the condition table is 5%...

Hopefully, it's all good.
Release Notes:
IBD RS % in CONDITION table base value = 7%...
Typo in previous notes.
Release Notes:
Swing Dream now works on all CFDs and Cryptos!

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