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Library "Gauge"

The gauge library utilizes a gaugeParams object, encapsulating crucial parameters for gauge creation. Essential attributes include num (the measured value), min (the minimum value equating to 100% on the gauge's minimum scale), and max (the maximum value equating to 100% on the gauge's maximum scale). The size attribute (defaulting to 10) splits the scale into increments, each representing 100% divided by the specified size.

The num value dynamically shifts within the gauge based on its percentage move from the mathematical average between min and max. When num is below the average, the minimum portion of the scale activates, displaying the appropriate percentage based on the distance from the average to the minimum. The same principle applies when num exceeds the average. The 100% scale is reached at either end when num equals min or max.

The library offers full customization, allowing users to configure color schemes, labels, and titles. The gauge can be displayed either vertically (default) or horizontally. The colors employ a gradient, adapting based on the number's movement. Overall, the gauge library provides a flexible and comprehensive tool for visualizing and interpreting numerical values within a specified range.
Release Notes:
v2 - Added 'keyAlign' to gaugeParams.
Release Notes:
v3 - Added titleSize, keySize, and labelSize to gaugeParams.
Release Notes:
v4 - Version updates for imported libraries
Release Notes:
v5 - Versions updated for imported libraries.

Faiyaz Haider
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