Customizable OCC Non Repainting Scalper Bot v7.0b

This strategy is intended to be used on an automated trading platform and should be run on a one minute chart for fastest confirmations and signal relay to crypto automation platform. The strategy has been modded to only go long at this time to focus on profitability for one direction. The open long and close long text fields allow you to use your own webhook message for this purpose.

I have spent quite a bit of time and I figured I would put it out to the community to share the work and also get some feedback.

Ok, so let me say that I have done absolutely everything I can to make the strategy not repaint while still maintaining it's profitability. It has been a challenge so I am publishing this to the community to help test this.
What I have observed: the strategy will not repaint in real time. That is, if you have the chart open and keep it open, the signals are the same as the ones that are sent out by the strategy. In certain cases, when I reload the chart- the signals might be off from what was sent. In some ways, that is repainting, but it is repainting based on losing the real time data and recalculating from a different set of bars- since I am running it on a one minute chart then the start becomes different when you refresh.

To address repainting while keeping the strategy calculating as quickly as possibly I have altered the logic in the following ways:
I have made an assumption which might not work for everyone- at the first tick of the next bar, you can almost safefly assume in crypto that if you are looking at the previous bar for information, the open of the current bar was the close of the previous bar. This for the most part holds true in crypto with good liquidity. If you are trading a pair that jumps around due to low volume- this might not be the strategy to use. I might publish a different version with a different logic.

I have altered the security repaint to use isbarconfirmed, so at the very end of the bar (as soon as the bar is confirmed), we recalculate to the higher time frames. So as soon as the data is available, it is at that point that we can then safely calculate higher time frames. This is unique and experimental, but seems to do well at creating good signals for entry.

I have employed my own intervals by utilizing the resolution as an integer (used by the previous authors)- but in this case, I use the interval to take a snapshot of the higher time frame. With open close cross, the different moving averages can cause the repainting as they change to show the exact point of the cross. The interval feature I created minimizes this by utilizing the previous bar info until the interval is closed and then we recalculate the variants. You can use the interval offset feature to denote which minute is the one that starts and ends the interval. So for instance, Trading View uses minue 1 and minute 31 for 30 minute intervals. If you offset your 30 minute interval would start on minute 16 and do its calculations based on the last 30 minutes,

As with most of my scripts, I have started using filters and a "show data" feature that will give you the ability to see the values of indicators that you cannot plot in the overlay. This allows you to figure out how to filter losing trades or market conditions.

I have also added a trailing stop and created a fixed stop loss as seems to perform better than the original occ strategy. The original one seemed to repaint enough that it would close too quickly and not give the posiition enough time to become profitable. In certain cases where there was a large move, it would perform well, but for the most part the trades would not close profitably even though the backtest said that it did - probably due to the delay in execution and pinescript not having a confirmation on what the actual position price was.

This is still in beta mode, so please forward test first and use at your own risk.
If you spot repaint issues, please send me a message and try to explain the situation.
Release Notes: Version 7.1 - I have fixed a few bugs in the labeling and have added in 2 Average Directional Index filters, you can also filter for uptrend only with a diplus and diminus ema for each of the ADX calculations. I have also surfaced the calculations into the show data feature.

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