MACD Willy Strategy

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This strategy is mainly developed for scalping / intraday trading. It could potentially be used to identify entry/exit signals for short term options trading. It performs decently well on popular stocks when used on time frames between 5 min to 15 min using regular session bar data. It combines 3 popular indicators, EMA, MACD, and William %range, to generate both long and short signals.

Default is 200 EMA line.

Default is 12/26 lengths for fast/slow signal inputs.

William %R - Smoothed (Published):
This is a custom indicator that generates two moving average lines from the original William %R line.

How it works:
Entry conditions:
1. Long/short entries when bar closes above/below EMA line
2. Long/short entries when MACD line is above/below signal line (histogram > 0 for long, < 0 for short)
3. Long/short entries when William %R fast MA line is above/below slow MA line

Exit conditions:
1. Exit long when MACD line is below signal line, vise versa for exit short
2. Exit long when William %R fast MA line is below slow MA line, vise versa for exit short
3. Exit long when William %R fast MA line must in below the overbought (-20) limit, exit short when above the oversold (-80) limit.

***Note that parameters are NOT optimized for any particular stocks / instruments.

Release Notes:
Added alerts per request ;)

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