Multi Timeframe Moving Average Collection | Scalp [aamonkey]

This is a Multi Timeframe Moving Average Collection (Scalp Edition).

Why use it?
- Spot cluster of MAs on one chart
- See support and resistance
- Spot "freefall zones"

In the default settings you will get:

20, 100 and 200 MA of the 15min, 1h, 4h, and the 1D chart.

The color indicates significance!

From weaker to stronger support/resistance:
white(15min), green(1h),yellow(4h),red(1D)

- Length of the MAs is modifiable
- Timeframes of the MAs is modifiable
- Which MAs you want to see
- Colors
Release Notes: 200 MA on the 1D Fix
Release Notes: Added Different linewidth for the different timeframes.
Release Notes: Design changes
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