Pinbar Indicator

Hello everyone, this is a simple script for determining a qualified Pinbar

(1) Indicator introduction
  • This indicator can combine multiple K-lines and determine whether the combined K-line is a qualified Pinbar
  • Supports the calculation of Pinbar strength and filters out undesirable Pinbars by a minimum threshold

(2) Parameter introduction
- Pinbar Pattern
  • Draw Pinbar Pattern Alert?: Display the Pinbar label or not
  • Pinbar Statistic Period: The statistic bars for calculating average values
  • Max Merged Bars: Maximum number of merged bars, default is 2
  • Min Pinbar Strength: Minimum Pinbar strength, default is 1.5

Happy trading and enjoy your life!


各位朋友大家好,这是一个用于判断 Pinbar 的简单脚本

(1) 指标说明
  • 该指标可以合并多跟 K线,然后判断合并后的 K 线是否是一个合格的 Pinbar
  • 支持 Pinbar 强度的计算,并通过一个最低阈值过滤掉不理想的 Pinbar

(2) 参数说明
- Pinbar Pattern
  • Draw Pinbar Pattern Alert?: 是否需要显示 Pinbar 标签
  • Pinbar Statistic Period: 用于统计 Pinbar 的平均量的 bar 数量
  • Max Merged Bars: 最大合并 bar 的数量,默认为 2
  • Min Pinbar Strength: 最小的 Pinbar 强度,默认为 1.5

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