Twin Optimized Trend Tracker Strategy TOTT

Anıl Özekşi's new strategy which is a combination of 2 Optimized Trend Tracker lines which are vertical displaced from original version with a COEFFICIENT to cope with sideways' false signals which he explained in "Toy Borsacı İçin OTT Kullanım Kılavuzu 2"

original version of OTT:

OTT Strategy and Screener:

You can find a detailed explanation with subtitles from the developer of OTT Anıl Özekşi himself as: "Toy Borsacı İçin OTT Kullanım Kılavuzu 2"
Release Notes:
signal shapes and positions updated
Release Notes:
Backtest parameters updated:
-Backtested with (40/1) OTT and 0.006 coefficient parameters (26/12/9) of TOTT on BTCUSDT daily Binance chart
-Backtested initial capital updated to 1000USD
-Order size set as 1000USD
-Commission is set to 0.1% same as this is a Binance chart so 0.1% is the default user level on that exchange
-Slippage set to 100 ticks which could be meaningful

Kıvanç Özbilgiç

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