THE HITMAN - Market Momentum Finder

The Hitman indicator is a tool to detect momentum swings in the market. Its intention is to identify good entry and exit points and alert you to have a closer look at the charts. It can be used on any chart, timeframe or market.
In detail we measure the strength of a trend by different values like volatility , price averages and trend momentum and calculates for every candle, if a change in trend appears or not.

Be aware, that all results will be based on data from the past. There is no guarantee that the results you get by back testing, will also be achieved in the future.

How to use it?
We recommend to use the signal only in direction of the trend. It can be used to scalp against the trend but for Risk Management reasons we advise not to do so. In sideways movement we recommend to look out for channels or levels of resistance and support and use the signal of the script as confirmation.

The Hitman Profit From Trading Alerts

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