Super Trend Daily BF 🚀

Super Trend is based on volatility and attempts to show the overall greater trend of a market. Thanks to everget for the idea of improving the Super Trend code. Thanks to kiasaki for ROC code.

The idea here is to enter a trade upon trend reversal (unless we have a white background - this indicates choppy/sideways market).

Follow the background color for signals of a trend reversal.
  • Bright green = long
  • Bright red = short
  • White = no trade

We use a fixed stop loss here of 6% but I have included the option to apply an ATR based stop loss in Settings. No take profit. No re-entering until we get an opposing signal.

I use a Rate of Change function to detect when we should stay out due to choppy sideways price action.

This strategy was optimised for XBT/USD on Bitmex 1 day chart, ideal settings for other pairs will differ.

Release Notes: Added a switch for Longs and Shorts in settings. If you want only longs, turn off shorts. Vice versa.
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