Swing Failure Reversal Strategy

This strategy is using Swing Failure Patterns as a reversion indicator.

The strategy automatically adapts itself to the timeframe of the current chart.

Swing Failure Pattern occurs when the price trend fails to set new highs in uptrend or meet new lows in a downtrend. This pattern helps traders decide when to enter and exit the market. Usually, traders enter in the downtrend i.e. lower price highs and lower price lows, and exit in the uptrend situation i.e. higher price highs and higher price lows. Thus, traders go against the current trend. This helps the traders take advantage of early trend reversal indicators.

Types of Failure Swing :
  • Failure Swing Top: This occurs when the stock price goes higher whereas the RSI fails to make a higher high and falls below the recent fail point. The Fail Point is where the RSI line is below the recent swing low. This Failure Swing indicates a short position.
  • Failure Swing Bottom: This occurs when the stock price gets lower whereas RSI fails to make a lower low and rises over the recent fail point. Fail point is the point where the RSI line is above the recent swing high. This Failure Swing indicates a long position.

Release Notes: - Alerts are now triggered when SFP event occurs.
Release Notes: Added WunderTrading support

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