TDI Complementary Overlay by YardleyRosette

May 2018, Traders Dynamic Index Overlay Indicator ( Free Indicator )
The Full 'TDI' Complementary Overlay for all securities. FOREX, BITCOIN (CRYPTOCURRENCIES), STOCKS, etc.
This is the overlay of Traders Dynamic Index updated in my knowledge to optimal settings.
Added an "Xtreme" Phaser for noticing major moving average/trendline breakouts.
Added representation of Overbought/Sold level lines.
Moving Averages visually reordered.

Settings I found of moving averages to correlate the best with Traders Dynamic Index all in one overlay indicator.

Using KK_Traders Dynamic Index_Bar Highlighting which is the closest to Traders Dynamic Index Pro on MT4, I set the best alignment to Traders Dynamic Index with potential target price points as an overlay indicator representing Traders Dynamic Index components and a level as moving averages on price chart.

"Phaser", as in phase changing; shifting direction.

Especially for those who do not have TV PRO.

El Índice Dinámico de Comerciantes encimadas a gráficas de precio.
En especial para quienes solo pueden usar 3 indicadores.
Release Notes: Added higher time frame Midline overlay
Release Notes: Corrected line color sets
Release Notes:
  • Borrowed Naming
    MBL = Thick Orange line
    Current time frame MBL to price.
    HighMBL = Thin Orange line
  • Higher time frame MBL to current chart.
    Original Naming
    Midline = Thick Black line
  • Current time frame 50 level to price.
    HighMidline = Thick Gray line
  • Higher time frame 50 level to current chart price.
    Phaser = Thick Blue line
  • Estimation between the next doubled and tripled time frames' MBL.
    HighPhaser = Thin Blue line
  • Estimation between the next doubled and tripled time frames' HighMBL, it is also the Phaser between the quadruple and hextuple following time frames.
    XtremePhaser = Thin Cyan line
  • The hextuple time frame HighMBL, and the Phaser of the duodecuple time frame. Slightly above 1440 minutes is the the daily TF chart.
The use of all these are to be detailed in my 'how to' posted ideas.
Release Notes: Adjusted Names. Added an assistant to the exhaustion level representatives, which is very much optional.

XtremePhaser, HighPhaser and Phaser do not originate from TDI PRO but are based on the component lines of it, Trade Signal Line TSL and off of Market BaseLine MBL.

Yes, its free to everyone. Just type a forward slash: "/" and then "Yardleyrosette", you'll be able to add my indicators to your chart. I do highly recommend pairing it with Heikin Ashi.

Reason why I had to separate How To Use Traders Dynamic Index Complementary Overlay was because of using a lot of space to explain its function and its usefulness and it also helped to give lessons separately and not bunched up. Please review the notes.
Release Notes: Updated best HighMBL to 550
Added Extreme Sell Entry Signal. Best entry alert yet.
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