RK's 04 - Lots of MA Types Ribbon

Hello again,

I made this script to test what is the better Moving Average type to predict the market direction, so I put a function with All the MA I know.

To go beyond, this script have an option to increase the MA length as a Fibonacci Number or any other simple number to step.

If the drawing is too slow, just reduce the amount of MA lines in the input option ("Number of MA to Plot:") to 10 or less and it will be faster.

Hope you like, and if you know other Moving Average type, just tell me how can I get the formula and (if its good, not copyrighted and I have time) I can add here and update for all of us.

Obs: To avoid errors, the Maximum Nth Fibonacci Term to use in MA Length is 19 (4181)
Release Notes:
► Put an option to change colors when a slow MA crossover the right next fast MA line;
► Change the labels to one Info Panel or just simple symbols with the content in tooltip;
► Put a list of Fibonacci Sequence Terms in Inputs to help.
Release Notes:
After some update in TradingView's Pine Code, the old script stop to works.

So, I rewrite some part of the code to fix the new problem;
And in addition, I put 4 new Moving Average kind to the script.

In any case, thanks @omo-omo to report the bug.

Feel free to share your success with me: 🤑👍
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