DM-130 EDGE Signal

The DM-130 EDGE is a price action trading signal indicator. There is no need for downloading nor installing. It is an effective signal indicator that has proven to be successful in trading. We will help you set it up within minutes so that you can start trading immediately. It works in trading most markets!

How To Use The DM-130 EDGE:
For a BUY, the signal will display a blue arrow below the candle stick facing upwards when there is a buying opportunity, a pullback or a bullish move in the market.
For a SELL, the signal will display a red arrow above the candle stick facing downwards when there is a selling opportunity, a pullback or a bearish move in the market.

Tradingview Account Level: All Users

The indicator appears once or twice during the UK trading sessions and works best in at confluence points:
1. A Trend Line
2. A Support or Resistant Level
3. Supply or Demand Zone
4. Off Pivots
5. Off a Fibonacci Level
6. In Trend Direction

Best Pair: GBP/USD
Best Trading Times: UK Sessions

How To Set Alerts:
Click on the Alerts button on the charts
Under 'Condition', change from the currency pair displayed to 'DM-130 EDGE Signal'
Then under 'Option' click on 'Once Per Bar'.
Make sure that the you tick the boxes that appeal to you under the 'Alert Actions' part (usually 'Notify on App' and 'Show Popup') and then click the 'Create' button at the bottom.
If you tick the 'Notify on App' box under 'Alerts Actions' the alerts would appear on your smart device if you have the Tradingview App set on the device.

Amongst many great benefits you will 1. Have the confidence to enter trades 2. Have the ability to enter trades after a pullback (something only experienced traders can spot that) and even more importantly 3. You can trade profitably with consistency even if you get stopped out a few times because the wins are usually bigger!

This strategy signal will analyse price action automatically when there is a high probability of a profitable trade to enter.

It does work on most markets. We recommend using the 30m charts as it works best with this indicator. This signal is ideal for intraday/day trading.

This signal allows you to enter trades with confidence.

Use the link below to obtain access to this indicator or you can send us a private message on Tradingview.

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