Consensio Allocation Tool

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Originally created and taught by Taylor Jenks, this indicator provides portfolio allocation suggestions based on the behaviour of price and 3 simple moving averages (4/10/40 by default)
(ie. when short & medium term SMAs are above the long term then allocation is to be 100%).
This percentage allocated to the stock/commodity is to be reduced as it passes below the SMA's, particularly as each moving average crosses.

Consensio is useful for scaling in and out of a position as the portfolio allocation will change according to the momentum of the asset.

The rules below are my own based on understanding of the trading system developed by Jenks and his online content.

This script has the following rules:
if fastAboveSlowMA and not mediumAboveSlowMA
allocation := 30.0
else if longAboveFastMA
allocation := 0.0
else if fastAboveMediumMA and fastAboveSlowMA
allocation := 100.0
else if not fastAboveMediumMA and fastAboveSlowMA
allocation := 80.0
else if not fastAboveMediumMA and not fastAboveSlowMA
allocation := 50.0
else if not mediumAboveSlowMA and fastAboveSlowMA
allocation := 50.0

// Calculate adjusted allocation percentage based on crossing moving averages
allocation := allocation + (priceAboveFastMA ? 10.0 : -10.0)
allocation := allocation + (priceAboveMediumMA ? 10.0 : -10.0)
Release Notes:
Script updated for the label to show if there is a change in allocation.
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