Dynamic Array Table (versatile display methods)

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Library "datTable"
Dynamic Array Table.... Configurable Shape/Size Table from Arrays
Allows for any data in any size combination of arrays to join together
  • all possible orientations!
  • filling all cells contiguously and/or flipping at boundaries
  • vertical or horizontal rotation
  • x/y axis direction swapping
  • all types array inputs for data.
please notify of any bugs. thanks

  Get Table (otional gapping cells)
    _posit: String or Int (1-9 3x3 grid L to R)
  Returns: Table

  Req'd coords Seperate for VARIP table, non-varip coords

  Add arrays to display table. coords reset each calc
  uses displaytable object, string titles, and color optional array, and second line optional data array.
Release Notes:

Already updating.. found small error preventing full 99x99 possible size
(it will crash at over 100 table limitation)
also, updated and finished out the settings configuration to include frame/borders..
Release Notes:

gut punch realizing i should have named this library "adapTable"

- updated demo, minor cleanup.
Release Notes:

changed "to string" on final step for optimizing and removing NaN cells
added per-cell (row/column will override) sizing capability.
Release Notes:

Merging superpowers added. not avail on flip at boundaries
- will skip cells if over the truncate limit
- will stretch cells if under

Needed upgrade for this nearly finished item.
Release Notes:
update merge on/off toggle, filter for non-compat
Release Notes:
minor bug fix
Release Notes:

merge / table > 50 width/height
please report bugs or share any interesting usages.
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