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MarketGod for Tradingview
The MarketGod Indicator for Tradingview sets the standard for any Buy & Sell indicator available in retail trading. By combining dozens of strategies derived from the study of technical analysis, this indicator will reliably deliver insightful alerts to your market of preference, as well as any time-frame to your liking here on Tradingview. The buy and sell alerts are optimized by Pine v4, the most recent programming language that is native to this Tradingview platform. We've been actively managing, maintaining and improving this script since 2019, and the results continue to improve as the experience we have grows with it.

This Indicator combines every script we've ever published into one powerful tool. This script ALSO includes the scripts published by our old Tradingview account, u/TVMarketGod

MarketGod Versioning
Over time, we have released dozens of indicators and versions of our tool. Between the indicator and the strategy alone, we have over 1000 versions in our database / repo with little to no source control originally implemented. That said, we have thousands of users who prefer different tweaks and changes we’ve made over time. We’ve put the core and most popular releases into the main version of this tool and will potentially expand this when the feedback is coming in from our users. The versions included with this release are the following

  • MarketGod v1
  • MarketGod v2
  • MarketGod v3
  • MarketGod v4
  • MarketGod v5
  • MarketGod v6
  • MarketGod v7
  • MarketGod v8
  • MarketGodx²
  • Ichimoku God

    Differences in Scripts
    If you are new to our community, we recommend MarketGod v8 as your primary version to use....the others are included for users who prefer the version they started with and if you're open to trying them out you are more than welcome to.
    The major differences between each version is the components that make the buy and sell parameters. Each version is ideally an improvement of the last, but there is debate amongst our users whether they prefer v8 or any of the others, which you can decide for yourself on. In the future, we plan on releasing MarketGod v9, which will be the continuation of series we continue to develop and grow as much as we can.

    Upgrading to MarketGod for Tradingview
    For our current users, we plan to upgrade the tools under our new and soon to be only Tradingview account, @marketgodx. The user TVMarketGod will no longer be publishing tools and we will migrate our user base to the new account, which will provide more consolidation to our social accounts and the general name of tools/how to identify them.
    Add MarketGod to Charts on Tradingview
    To add the new version of the MarketGod Study and Strategy to your chart, follow these steps below.

  • Start on your tradingview charting page
  • Navigate to the Indicator Library
  • If you have access to this script, you will see it published in the 'Invite Only' section down the left side, then select the scripts published by us, MarketGodx.
  • If you do not see the scripts listed, make sure you have refreshed your charts/browser, and if there's still trouble accessing, fill this form out on our site to resubmit your registration info

Release Notes:
MarketGod for Tradingview
September 29,2020

Script Changelog
Minor adjustments, no change to performance
  • Complete Removal of MGx Chop Filter
  • Compression of script spacing
  • Change to alert verbiage
  • Confirmation of non-repainting inputs
Release Notes:
Syncing with Strategy Release
Release Notes:
v1.0.2 Release Notes
October 2 2020

  • Cosmetic Adjustments, Non-Issue for Alerts (they remain the same)
  • Added "Long+Short" to plots and label options
  • Added the minimal crown text option to the plots, not just the labels
  • Script is more compressed, faster and lightweight. Previous was 220 lines for the study, and is now 200.
Release Notes:
MarketGod for Tradingview
Changelog - Update to v1.0.2.1 - October 3 2020
  • Added documentation site to bottom of menu for user reference
  • Changed menu layout slightly. Purely aesthetic.
Release Notes:
MarketGod for Tradingview (study)
Strategy and Study Upgrade to v1.0.2.2 | October 5, 2020
  • Removal of Label + Plot options - will remain only as "Plot" visibility with similar options on text changes available. Note the ToolTip level suggestions that were released with prior labels will still remain. Simply hover over the candle around the buy/sell plots to see.
  • Adjustment to inputs to reflect prior versioning.
  • Indicators put in sync
Release Notes:
slight adjust
Release Notes:
Upgrade + Change-Log
October 14, 2020
Release 1.1.0

One Substantial Change has been made.
  • Complete change of the input source from the combo of ha-candles to solely close of OHLC
  • This will enable the alignment of MarketGod versions in the past and the current tools.
  • We still expect some inconsistencies with previously published tools, some better and some for worse.
  • Will adjust accordingly, Note that MarketGodx² is substantially different than original release

Eric Thies
Release Notes:
MarketGod for Tradingview Upgraade
Release v1.2.0 - October 15, 2020

Surprise Release - Ichimoku God for Tradingview
We have re-introduced the Complete Ichimoku Trader from our first days on tradingview, a script that was developed by user @KingThies_ in early 2019.
The Ichimoku Trader will appear in the menu of this MarketGod study and strategy, and will trigger the standard buy and sell alerts that users are used to. Note that the Chop Filter will not impact the Ichimoku God results.

This release also includes fixes to multiple bugs we are now clear of, which were caused by using the incorrect source on many of our core components to the tool.

Thank you all for your continued support through our updates.

Release Notes:
Release Notes: MarketGod for Tradingview (study) Release v1.3.0 Notes
October 26, 2020
Updates to the alert system noted in discord
Release Notes:
New in MarketGod v8
  • Expanded Functionality, Accuracy & Reliability
  • Less Noise, Accuracy on lower frames
  • Added SL/TP functionality (strategy only)
  • Added intraday testing by adding time-based entry rules (strategy only)
  • Consistent input across versioning

    MarketGod Versioning
  • Users can switch  to various marketgod releases by simply adjusting the settings in the user menu. While v8 is our recommendation, we acknowledge that users of previous releases prefer a given indicator for their market of choice and we enable them to continue using them if they'f like. The indicators are ideally progressive, in that the versions released most recently are intended to be more reliable than their predecessor, so new users and those who are without preference are recommended to use most recent version we have created, which is MarketGod v8.

  • The difference in the versions on a technical level is the buy and sell criteria assigned to each. For example, v7 and v7.1.0 may have the same buy and sell criteria, while v7 and v8 are unique from each other entirely.

    Plots & Labels
  • Label Size:  Requires 'Label Type' to be set to 'Labels' (defaulted to 'Plots').
  • Label Text: Applicable to plots and labels, can be adjusted to preference of "Buy/Sell", "Long/Short", "Up/Down", "♕",

    Dynamic Price Plotting
    We have added new options for the complete customization of how users utilize our tool
  • Colored/Highlighted Candles on the Buy/Sell Candles
  • Colored/Highlighted Background on the Buy/Sell Candles
  • Dynamic Price Lvl Suggesting
  • Hover your mouse over the candle an alert appears on and see the recommended entry or exit level for a given asset.

    Simplifying Chop Filter Value 
    Since its introduction in MarketGod v7, the Chop Filter has been a preference of our users who typically lean towards liking its flexibility. That said, it is an EHMA, HMA, SMA, TEMA, EMA combination and the use of it is simple .... the higher the value, the less-frequent the alerts....usually.
  • We wanted to simplify this as it is reportedly confusing for we have turned it into a switch that users can remove or add in which we have pre-programmed the recommended length for the value, but users can still toy with the value when the Chop Filter customization switch is enabled.
  • We plan on upgrading this as more data becomes available on what values apply to specific markets.

    Intraday Trading Time-Based Trading  (strategy only)

  • Users can backtest a given time period by enabling this date/time feature on the Strategy version of the indicator. The Time is defaulted to UTC 00:00 and can be disabled/enabled in the user menu.

    Stop Loss Take Profit (Strategy Only)
  • Users can enable/disable the stop-loss & take-profit functions in the settings menu on the strategy add-on. The SLTP is percent based and will close an order of an open position at the requested % set.

  • You are using the 1-minute chart & a signal appears. We recommend you allow that candle to close & confirm the trade, before confirming the alert.
  • You are using the 1-month chart & a signal appears. It is likely a big enough move inbound, to make the decision to trade the chart in real time.

Release Notes:
Release v2.0.1

Removal of 'potential to repaint' warning that came with a "bar_index" function in the source code, derived from the newly added user trend label that displays various bits of info to the chart. We identified, solved and removed this issue in 160 tests of trial and error.

MarketGod does not repaint.
Release Notes:
Major Adjustment.
Release Notes:
MarketGod for Tradingview (study)
Published by u/kingthies / Eric Thies via MarketGod Trading
February 11, 2021

We have corrected an error and inconsistency in our alert system.
This bug does not require any re-setting of alerts and does not impact our indicator
on a functional level.
Release Notes:
Upgrade to Release v3.0
February 28, 2021

Attempted bug fixes with labels
Slight tweaks to input sources (USERS MUST RE-ADD THE ALERTS TO CHARTS)
Release Notes:
adjustment of thumbnail to regular candle input, rather than Heikin Ashi.
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
Reversion to release v2.0.1, repealing changes from 3.0
Release Notes:
MarketGod for Tradingview
MarketGod Trading
August 6, 2021 | Release v3.0

Release Notes to MarketGod for Tradingview (release v3.0)
1— Release v3.0 of both the MarketGod indicator and study are published and live as of August 6, 2021.
2—— The changes to the study are purely aesthetic and will not impact any buy and sell criteria being used in an automation of trading program.

— The changes published to the study are a majority of aesthetic changes as well, although its important to note that the take profit and stop loss functions have been completely redesigned, rebuilt, and therefore affect any systems in place involving the strategy.

— This upgrade aims to remove the clear discrepancies between each tool, which will keep them equally aligned for the various releases and changes we are implementing by the beginning of 2022, including the release of MarketGod v9.

To access the indicator, users will simply need to refresh their browsers/charts on Tradingview, and re-add the tool to charts.

We DO recommend resetting alerts, as this minimizes potential for ghost alerts, and maximizes your success with the MarketGod Indicator.

Release Notes:
Script Update 3.0.1
  • Re-added alert functions (accidentally taken out on Fridays 3.0 release)
  • Formatting adjustments to user menu to finalize minimalist design
This update is purely aesthetic and does not require re-adding of alerts.

email: for additional information
Release Notes:
alert conditions update
Release Notes:
MarketGod for Tradingview
Upgrade v 3.0.3 | August 10, 2021
— The incorrect Buy & Sell criteria were implemented by mistake with the v3.0.0 release on August 5 and we caught the error before too much damage was done hopefully - I apologize for he lapse in coverage on that oversight and appreciate the patience getting this where I want to be for you.
Release Notes:
```switched buy alert message back to buy alert terminology```
Release Notes:
MarketGod for Tradingview Release 3.0.5
August 31, 2021

1 — First, we have adjusted the logic on the date testing toggle to operate as needed.
2 — Second, this update also adjusts the price variable that triggers an alert on the study, so users automating the script can use alert variables
3 — Lastly, this update will give the study the ability to calculate what the exits *would* be on a take profit / stop loss, also playing into the alert variable functionality mentioned in #2

Variable Alerts
— Long Stop Loss =
— Short Stop Loss =
— Long Take Profit =
— Short Take Profit =
Release Notes:
MarketGod for Tradingview Release 4.0.0
October 25, 2021
— Upgraded to Pine v5
— Added Labels with Price (back)
Release Notes:
Release v4.0.1
November 15, 2021

— Minor adjustment to remove the scaling issues on low TFs - will adjust again if problem is not resolved

Release Notes:
Re-fixing scaling issue - yesterdays changes hadn't published as intended.
Release Notes:
Minor Upgrade - release v 4.0.3
December 13, 2021

  • Adjustments to alert text
  • Added back Price Labeling + Size Adjustments to Price Labels
  • Adjustments to prepare for MG v9 in Jan
Release Notes:
MarketGod v9
MarketGod for Tradingview (study & strategy)
Release 5.0.0 | July 27, 2022

We are pleased to announce that MarketGod v9 for Tradingview is published and available for use in the invite only section of the Tradingview indicator library.
We have improved various components of the tools and hope they perform as well as we expect. Two primary new features we’ve added include
  • Buy & Sell (Short & Long) Only Modes
  • Improved Stop Loss and Take Profit functions (now with lines and labels)

    Since the release of MarketGod v8 in Jan 2021, we have been noting and working on fixing minor bugs that have appeared in various independent trades when using the indicator/accompanying strategy. After careful consideration, we have finalized an upgraded indicator for our users on Tradingview called MarketGod v9.
    These changes and upgrades should provide solutions to all known bugs and give an even better user experience, notably on low time frames or when using the stop-loss and take-profit functions that are more functional from the indicator settings menu.
    All existing users of the MarketGod Indicator are able to add the new tools to their charts at this time.

    Start Trading with MarketGod
  • Register for our trial program here →link in signature
  • Purchase lifetime access to the indicator here → link in signature

    Upgrade Existing Scripts
  • We recommend deleting all previous alert settings to clear all ghost alerts from the table
  • Refresh your browser or desktop app
  • Navigate to the invite only section of the indicator library
  • Select either of the scripts published by MarketGodx (do not use search bar).
  • If you do not see the invite only section but are an existing user, email us for support → link in signature

Eric Thies
Release Notes:
alertcondition adjustment
Release Notes:
Adjusting Buy/Sell criteria to correct identified issues
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
slight fix
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
Added MGxOutput to automate trade attempts.

MGxOutput = 1 ? Buy
MGxOutput = 2 ? Sell
Release Notes:
Alert Bug Fix → Removed 100 Lines of Pine as well.
Release Notes:
Simplified and accurate.
Release Notes:
chart image

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