Crossing Table

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Crossing Table V1

I created this indicator as it had been asked for a number of times to create a crossover/under table screen and here it is!!!

The indicator is set up to be selected from SMA, EMA and Volume.

The SMA is defaulted to 2/10 but it is customizable to whatever SMA you choose to use.

Volume is based off a volume formula and the volume settings in the indicators settings, and the table will show either buyers/sellers on the last candle on the volume in the settings.

Just like the SMA the EMA option will be based off the default value of 5/13 but can be customized to your choosing.

If there are any question or comments just let me know :)
Release Notes:
Adding more options for the text size in the table.

Mobile option will change the text in the table to small from normal which makes the table smaller on all devices.
Release Notes:
code change
Release Notes:
Updated coding to make it cleaner and also selectable for the txt size via a option box in the settings from size.normal and size.small
Release Notes:
Updated the table that shows everything all in one and now separate.

still able to customize your SMA/EMA, and Volume settings and then added my latest script Trendy into the mix.

on top of that also made the text/table sizeable via the settings with Normal, Small, and Tiny being options

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