Bearish Market Indicator V2

Have you ever wonder whether if the stock/index/market is "bearish"? A Bearish Market Indicator (B.M.I) is not a new concept, the definition is simply 20% lower from the recent (term: short-term, recent: usually within a year, a.k.a 1 year) highs (closing price with in the recent period or within in a year or simply a 52-Week High). It is called “bearish” by definition when the closing price is below 20% from the highest price within the year (52-Week high: Green Line). To visualize the “20%” below the recent highs, there is a plot (line: light yellow color in the middle) called a Bearish Market By Definition Value. For example, the SPX 500 has been in a bearish market which is why there is a purple color highlight over the 52-Week High (green line) since September 21, 2022 because the closing price is below the Bearish Market By Definition Value (light yellow color) or “20% below the recent highs”. Finally, there is a red line under in the graph and it is the lowest price within a year. So when you hear, “this ticker is at a 52-Week Low”, you know what it means.

Line Summary:
Green Color Line = 52-Week High
Yellow Color Line = 20% away from the 52-Week High or Bearish Market By Definition Value
Red Color Line = 52-Week Low

Color Summary:
Red Color = Bad
Saturated Red Color = Very Bad
Purple Color = Bearish (It may look pink: red + purple)
White Color = Less Bad (That’s because there is no certainty only probability)
Green Color = Not too Bad (That’s because there is no certainty only probability)

Now to more complicated Metrics
>> If you do not like the technical indicators, go to the indicator settings, uncheck the tables. Otherwise, please continue reading. <<

+ Understand that the indicators are lagging indicators.
+ Using it under “D” or “Day” interval
+ Already Understand: Moving Averages, Stochastic-RSI, RSI, Super Trend and MACD.
+ Please be aware that this might not be compatible with traders!

This B.M.I is fused (comprised, combined) with multiple indicators:

- Moving Averages
I would not rely just on the Moving Averages (MA) since it is a lagging indicator. The values are derived by finding the differences with respect to the MAs (between the closing price and with the respect MA).

- Stochastic-RSI
Stochastic and RSI combo with RSI-Color coating. The first value is the rsi-stochastic-k followed by the rsi-stochastic-d both are compartmentalized with “|”.
Numbers > 80 Not Good
Numbers < 20 Is it time? (You can manually verify the lines (k, d) or the values from them)

- Relative Strength Index (RSI)
The first value is the rsi followed by the rsi-ma both are compartmentalized with “|”. It is also coated with RSI-color.
Numbers > 70 Overbought | Color Red
If the RSI > RSI’s MA = Green
If the RSI < RSI’s MA = Red
Numbers < 30 Oversold | Color Red

- Moving Averages Convergence Divergence (MACD)
The first value is the MACD-line followed by the signal-line both are compartmentalized with “|”.
Macd-line > signal line = green
Macd-line < signal line = red

- Supertrend (please look up from the documentation; i can not embed the link)
Think of this way, you’re riding a wave. If the wave is climbing, expect the price to follow.
Direction < 0 = Green
Direction > 0 = Red

- Other Trend similar to supertrend
This is similar to the Super Trend according the some. Imagine you’re drawing a trend line manually within 6 months.
Within the period, the line gets smoothed over and over til the n=9.
> If the closing is less than the 9th value, it implies the trend is slowing down.

+ Since there are different holidays from different countries, you can change the BMI-Period from the indicator settings “BMI-4khansolo”.
+ You can hide Technical Indicator Tables, it is also under the settings (see above).
> This will show red over the 52-Week high if it tests for positive .
Do you like eating the same food over and over? No! I love different food! I also love a variety of indicators. Especially, I love having MULTIPLE indicators presented in one canvas at the same time (personalized).
After spending a lot of time, I want to share my “FOOD” which is made of different ingredients (indicators) with someone who appreciates food! This Makes me a chef isn't it? Yes! Chef!

If you have questions or spotted errors, please comment them below so that I can improve.

All the materials (i.e., functions like ta.rsi, etc...) used in here are available in the platform.
All the references or sources materials are commented with the code since the I am not allowed to put them here.
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