GOLD FUTURES GOLD1! , GOLDM, GC Trading Strategy And Signals, With Performance For Different Time Frames.

We present to your attention an indicator that, based on a strategy, generates buy / sell arrow signals and a gold futures trading strategy, which has shown its effectiveness in numerous tests on different time frames.
The strategy is based on a combination of ATR, Moving Average, MACD and RSI indicators.

If you consider gold as a tool for earning then active trading on the exchange, your choice is gold futures ( gold futures ). This derivative almost completely copies the movement of the price of physical gold , and is used by traders around the world to obtain from the fluctuations in the price of gold .

The strategy showed the best results for timeframes: H1, H2, H4, D1.
Recommended timeframe for this strategy: D1.

The strategy uses take-profit and stop-loss, which reduces risk and allows you to effectively use its trading, as well as the process of making trading decisions and predicting the movement of the gold price.

Gold and silver futures can be used to hedge against inflation , speculative play, an alternative investment grade, or as a commercial hedging method for investors looking for opportunities beyond traditional equities and fixed income securities.

The script can generate alters "Buy" and "Sell".

The presented indicator of signals for gold futures , as well as the strategy, can complement your existing strategy and increase its performance, and can also be considered as an independent trading strategy for gold futures contracts.

Full Screenshot chart with performance here.
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