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Indicator Description
MarketGodx weighs the probability of a given scenario and the outcome associated to prior events before sequentially weighing the impact of a probable move by the significance of the timeframe and its corresponding close sequence relative to other TFs, The indicator combines several components of classical technical analysis and then provides a Buy or Sell alert to traders, which is then acted upon by the user. There are modifications made to alerts to manipulate them in the alternating appearance as the visual above shows.
MarketGod can be applied to any market, with any time-frame associated to it. The signals relay the alert at the close of the period, and the painted alert is then available to users to see on the chart or even set notifications for via tradingview's alert system. We recommend that users implement marketgod on their preferred time frames for trading, which for us is the 1h, 4h, 6h, 1D and above TFs.

Indicator Components
  • Gann Trend Analysis
  • Stochastic K
  • Stochastic D
  • KDJ Calculation
  • MACD
  • SlowRSI
  • Bollinger Band
  • Keltner Channels
  • Ichimoku Cloud
  • HHLL Trend Detector
  • MarketGod EMA , WMA , SMA , HullMA
  • Accumulation + Distribution

    Suggested Uses
  • MarketGod will inevitably produce false positives. We've taken steps to reduce this but we highly suggest you add this as a component of your strategy, not an end all be all
  • That said, please do not feel the need to fire a trade based solely on a marketgod signal, or to every signal it fires.
  • MarketGod users should backtest their strategy using OHLC candles for best results
  • Heikin Ashi candles were recomended in the past, and we have eliminated the need for them, meaning that traditional candlestick inputs will yield the highest results.
  • MarketGod will always give stronger alerts on higher TF's. If the 1-Day has fired a given signal and the 30 min or similar fire the opposite signal, know that the overall trend is still likely downward. Same concept applies to all timeframes on this tool.

    Adjusting the Filter Settings
    This tool has a noise filter for users to adjust.
    The filter is a percentage based calculation, between significant points in time. The filter ranges between .5 and 25, with .5 increments
  • For lower TFs (IE Intraday), keep the filter set between .5-5
  • Mid-TFs (4H,6H,12H,1D), the recommended range is between 5.5-10
  • Higher TFs (3D and Higher), look for approx 11-20 range

Customize the indicator by adjusting the colors in the style pane. Additionally, users can change the plots into labels with the price of close added to them, or a few other label text options, listed in the 'inputs' panel, below the filter adjustments. Users can also opt to turn the strategy orders as well, as this version will have them printed.

Strategy Performance Interpretation
Its important to understand the only metric that should be relevant is not the win %, as many may initially think. Alternatively, the only metric that matters in the end is your take home profit... meaning the profit one fees and taxes are accounted for. In our example here, the % brought back since the beginning of our window of 2018 is around 47% for $10,000 initial capital and 10% traded per position. Many are ignorant to the take home profit aspect as they focus solely on the winning %, which is ultimately incorrect approach to trading as a whole. as long as we maintain +30% (our goal minimum), the outcome being in the green, is our goal.

Access MarketGod for Tradingview
Learn more about how to access this tool by following the links in our signature below.
Release Notes:
  • Updated Satoshi Label offering
  • Updated Creator's (discord user) output for strategy automation on SL
Release Notes:
Updates to formatting & updates to MGxOutput code for Discord request
Release Notes:
Output Update to fix bug
Release Notes:
Caught up with MGvx2 Study.
Release Notes:
Discord complaints adjustment
Release Notes:
MarketGodx².1 Upgrade July 17th 2020

  • Aesthetic Change. Finalizing and standardizing scripts across all versions
  • Adjustment to color on labeling
  • No Need to change alerts
  • Buy and Sell Criteria is the same.
Release Notes:
Updated Strategy Logic - Take Profit and Stop Loss working better (let us know if issues continue)
Release Notes:
upgraded SL tp functions
Release Notes:
slight adjustment
Release Notes:
MarketGodx Updates 8/18/2020
We have potentially fixed the stop loss and take profit functions that have been bugged for quite some time

Additional changes include the following
  • Seperation of the TP and SL functions, so both can be turned on or off
  • Adjustments to menu to show latest update dates (8/18/2020)
Release Notes:
Upgrade to MarketGod for Tradingview

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