ATR Pip Control


Here is a script based on the ATR but which unlike the traditional ATR using a Multiplier, here we use a signal filter by the Exchange of Prices
between Ticks. The more you increase the value, the more the parasitic signals will be filtered.


• The signals are represented on the chart by "Buy" (Green) and "Sell" (Red) Labels.
Pip Channel Control : Filters ATR Signals by the Exchange of Prices between Ticks. 0 = Disabled.
Pip Length : Length of the Pip Channel. Depending on the Markets, the value can differ from 2 to 20 for Futures , Forex, CFD...
(But can go up to 5000 or more for Cryptos.) 0 = Disabled.
Local High/Low : Local High/Low lines can be used as Stop Loss/Take Profit Zone.
• you have the option to display or not the Unconfirmed Signals on the Chart.
(They will also be displayed with "Buy" and "Sell" Labels but being transparent).
• The indicator works on all Timeframes and all types of markets.


Here is the list of Alerts available :

•ATR Buy (Unconfirmed)
•ATR Buy Condition!
•ATR Sell (Unconfirmed)
•ATR Sell Condition!

Please note that it is essential to always choose "Once per bar" (and NOT the "Once per bar close"!) option
whenever you want to place an Alert.
Release Notes: -Minor fix.
Release Notes: -Added Any Alert Function call() with frequency set on once_oer_bar
Release Notes: -We can now also Decrease the Pip Length to get more Signals.
Release Notes: -Instead of Decrease the Pip Length we have set the maximum number of signals to default so that you can filter them however you want. This will also allow you to get much more accurate filtering and signals.
Release Notes: -Bug fix.
Release Notes: -Bug fix
Release Notes: -Improved "Tooltip".
Release Notes: -Instead using "RMA" Integrated Function for Baseline MA we added a Custom Range FIlter Function that works better.
Release Notes: -Going back to "RMA", Range Filter Function need improvements cause it was bugging on some markets.
Release Notes: -Added the possibility to adjust the length of the RMA.
-Minor Improvements.
Release Notes: -Added a lil bit of help in the "Pip Length" Tooltip.
Release Notes: -Improvement of the estetic. (Purchase label change to blue which is more visible on a white background).
-Improved Tooltips.
-Reorganization of settings.
-Added Pip Channel Control Baseline based on ATR Period.

Cheers !
Release Notes: -Minor improvement.
Release Notes: -Added NO-REPAINTING MultiTimeFrame option.
Release Notes: -Bug fix.
Release Notes: -Added tooltip for MTF (HTF) option.
Release Notes: -Minor improvements.
Release Notes: -Added "Price Type" option.
-Added some Tooltips.
-Minor improvements.
Release Notes: -Minor improvements.
Release Notes: -Added ATR Channels.
Release Notes: -Bug fix.
Release Notes: Updated Pip Length Tooltip.
Release Notes: -Improved tooltips.
Release Notes: -RMA Length removed from settings since the Pip Channel Control is now working fine with HTF.
Release Notes: -Improved Signals calculation. You don't need anymore to Increase the value of the Pip Length to have Bullish Filter or Decrease it to have Bearish Filter. It now work for Both.
Release Notes: -Going back on last stable update. The new calculation need improvement cause it not working with other sources than OC2.
Release Notes: -FINAL UPDATE :
-we wanted to go back to the fundamentals and focus on the main indicator option, namely “Pip Length”. So we decided to simplify the settings interface as much as possible by adding a much more efficient calculation at the same time. We have removed the HTF because it is unnecessary here. This is the final update. Some updates may happen in the future but they will become rarer and will be minor. The indicator is now working like a charm. Enjoy!
Release Notes: -Minor improvement.
Release Notes: -Last Minor Improvement.
Release Notes: -Code cleaning.
Release Notes: -Added Lag Reduction option.
Release Notes: -Added Price Type again from the request of user. Price Type is now on OHL3 by default.
Release Notes: -Minor improvement.
Release Notes: -Minor improvements.
-Updated Pip Length Tooltip.
Release Notes: -Minor improvement.
Release Notes: -Last minor improvement before market opening.
Release Notes: -MAJOR UPDATE : More simple but more user friendly indicator design.
-You now have only one option for filter signal called "Pip Control".
-Signals has been improved too. Backtested to 70-84% Winrate on any market.
Release Notes: -Updated Tooltips.
Release Notes: -Minor improvement.
Release Notes: -Improved Signal Filtering.
Release Notes: -Minor improvement.
Release Notes: -Improved signals (again! :D)

-Please if you have the indicator loaded on your chart remove it and re-apply it 3x time to be sur the update has been taking effect.
-For this update, you need to remove and reput your Alerts too (you may need to readjust settings since we have improved calculation).
Release Notes: -Minor improvement.
Release Notes: -Added "ATR Informations" option with his tooltip : "This option will show you next to the last current Candle (in Gray color) the elapsed Time in % on the current Candle from its opening to its closing, the current ATR Value and the Winrate of the ATR calculated by the total number of Wins/Losses Trades. Please note : this does not reflect the REAL Winrate on yours Trades. This option can be only used to give you a hand in best tuning the ATR signals."
-Minor Improvement.
-Code Cleaning.
Release Notes: -Minor improvements.
Release Notes: !=BIG UPDATE=!

We have improved the way the ATR interprets signals. To do this, we have recreated in our own way the "RMA" function which is much faster and more efficient. We have therefore at the same time removed the "unconfirmed" signals because all the signals are directly confirmed and a bar before. By default, it will seem to you that there are more signals than before posting on the chart (which can be useful for scalping) but above all this is what allows us to have an increased success rate.

WARNING: for this update you must delete and reconfigure your alerts.

Have a good trade and don't forget ... risk management remains the most important!

PS : A video tutorial is coming soon on my website!
Release Notes: -Minor fix
Release Notes: -After a user is pointed out to us that the signals do not remain in intra-bar (even if this does not seem to be the case during the beta-test) we decided to reinstate the unconfirmed and confirmed signals while keeping the new algorithm. While waiting to find a solution to the problem.

Release Notes: -Added option to see "False Signals" with his Tooltip.
Release Notes: -Minor fix
Release Notes: -Minor fix.
Release Notes: -Added a section to choose the type of wallpaper used (Dark or Bright).
-The color of the "False Signals" will change according to the type of wallpaper chosen.
-Removal of the old alert system to make way for the new "Any Alert Call Function" completely. This unites all the alerts on an alert. To configure your alert by choosing to have alerts only for the options you want, you just have to deactivate the option in question. For example if you deactivate "Show Unconfirmed Signals" before placing an alert, you will not have an alert for them.
Release Notes: -The Background Type color has been changed to "Bright" by default.
Release Notes: -Minor improvements.
Release Notes: -Improvement in the new calculation of the ATR Pip Control. Sorry but you have to reset your alerts for this one. (But that's for community guys :))
Release Notes: -Updated Tooltips to know where Alert(s) is available in an option.
-Improved a lil bit ATR calculation to find Highest and Lowest using a custom function instead using close.
Release Notes: -Minor improvement.
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very effective indicator
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RickSimpson nilanjan62
@nilanjan62, Thanks a lot !
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what indicator is that bro. elite algo?
RickSimpson NotMystiic
@NotMystiic, Hello, sorry, but i don't know how to be more clear than the description. This is an ATR with a Signals Filter by the Exchange of Prices between Ticks.