$0 Exponential & Simple MAs with HigherTF

Multiple Moving Averages (Simple/ SMA & Exponential/ EMA ) in one indicator

Support for a fixed time frame for the MAs

MAs default period length are key ones, provided by experienced traders in crypto, greetings to xpressive

Live update or Non-repainting modes support: with the non-repainting mode the previous candle's close is considered instead of latest/current bar's changing close

  • 7 EMAs with editable length
  • 4 SMAs with editable length
  • Choice of the price/data source from a predefined list
  • Activate or not the usage of an higher TF
  • Target Higher time frame resolution. Not using the predefined lists for more possibilities, e.g M1="M", H12="720", D3="3D", 5M="5"
  • Configurable lines' width in one setting. Hide or change the MAs color from the indicator's style settings
Release Notes: Minor update: default config, labels & colors
Interesting tool for intraday scalping, based on higher TF MAs, to catch tops & bottoms while ranging
Release Notes: Update the sample snapshot
Defaults: live mode, MAs higher TF H12
Release Notes: Fix the issue with pine script v4 & charts not supporting a default time frame below TF Daily, e.g. BLX:BTCUSD
Add labels to display each MA line period length
Screenshot with higher TF for MAs set to D on a H4 chart
Release Notes: last update. hope you'll enjoy
Release Notes: Enhanced labels: display actual MAs value in addition to their set period length + label styling
Enhanced settings: Control the multiple MA display or not + general panel layouting

Hope you'll enjoy. Support welcome!
Release Notes: chart snapshot update
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