Jurik Moving Average

This indicator was originally developed by Mark Jurik.

NOTE: If Mr. Jurik ask me to remove this indicator from public access then I will do it.
Release Notes:
  • Corrected
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Hello, tell me how to make an alert when changing the color in the script?
+1 Reply
everget cryptoinvests
@cryptoinvests, take a look at the Adaptive Laguerre Filter. It has that feature
+1 Reply
@everget, Thank you very much for your work
Does this repaint?
Is there security code in it to stop that?
+1 Reply
everget GarethSA
@GarethSA, Hi, it doesn't repaint
Is this available in Pine V4?
+1 Reply
@rdtv, you can convert it in the Pine Editor
rdtv everget
@everget, Thanks for the response sir. What do I have to change to make it work in V4? I'm not really sure what to do.
+1 Reply
@rdtv, shoot me a private message please
Would love to test this out but can't get it to work in Pine. Would you be so kind as to check the code on it? Thanks!
+1 Reply