Technicals Rating Strategy v420

Ichimoku , HMA , RSI , Stoch , CCI , MACD , Technicals Rating Strategy is a trading Bot that looks at these chosen indicators and assigns a value to each, then calculates the result of adding each indicators result value to a overall rating, which is then compared to a user set level. Here seen on Bitcoin , it has the broker fee included in the testing result. If you choose to use it on Forex etc, perhaps remove the broker fee which is unrealistic for FX trading.
It has a Win/Loss ratio of only 40% wins, but it catches the big moves and thats the main thing, so if ELON MUSK had of used this strategy instead of BUY and HOLD, he could of made 700% instead of 7% (as is, may, 2021)
Mainly intended for use as Automated TRADE BOT.
(imagine if Elon Musk did use this bot with his 1.3 billion $ worth of BTC , the drawdown would be like, half a billion or something haha (p.s.- use smaller lotsize % to get smaller drawdown, but then smaller profit....) )
For use with any pair and timeframe. In fact there is a timeframe setting to set the strategy to look at alternative timeframe from chart, but as default will just be set to charts timeframe.
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thanks man, it would be much better if you could tell us more about each signals like how to read/understand the chart. like what this graph and chart(performance, equity, drawdown) tells us.
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SeaSide420 Hameedullahmsd
@Hameedullahmsd, hi, yea im not a teacher, I do not offer any type of educational content. I am just a user of trading view, just like you.
I am a programmer, who shares my experimental scripts. People are welcome to copy/paste it, reconfigure it, republish in their own name etc.
You can reverse engineer it, learn programming/trading etc like I did.
I do not mind if it is not useful to some users, Because it does not have educational content.
I belive other programmer/traders like myself would find use for all or part of my scripts.
I publish for those who already have knowledge of trading and making their own indicators.
I apologize for not having the time or motivation to include educational content. Perhaps you could research each indicator used. To gain more understanding of the strategy.
malli8722 Hameedullahmsd
Can i depend on this for daily trading?
SeaSide420 malli8722
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So I can get a bot made with this code integrated so it can do trades on binance? Will that be good?
Am not a programmer, I usually do swing trading (spot)
I can ask a programmer to set this up for me but needed your advice first.
Please how can I use this strategy to trade crypto on Binance? I'm new to implementing strategies.
Where is finished ANNEEAv2 ?
SeaSide420 gmeneguzzo
@gmeneguzzo, Hi, sorry but TRADINGVIEW banned it. The reason, I had put a link to my website (which showed the MT4 bot that the strategy had come from) in its description.
Oh noe! how dare i have external link.... Well guess what, No AEAv2 for tradingview. Bummer for TV users because the strategy works very well.
If you want it, you have to PM me directly. Or google search: SEASIDE420 and goto my website, where you can contact me directly through the insite chat function.
its not showing anything on chart