Table Identifies the Price Extensively Using RSI, MA, and ATR

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The indicator has presented as a table to show the perspective result of different indicators to help the user identify the status of the price if it’s extended or not. The table starts with the ATR section, which gives out a better look to compare the current day’s candle wide versus the average candle wide of a certain length of period that selected by the user. The second section of the table, showing RSI values at the most common upper timeframes, and the different percentages between the current price and long-term moving average entered by the user.


▸This’s not a trading signal, but it helps to make a trading decision whether to set targets, stop loss, and enter a new trade.
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Release Notes:
Table Identifies the Price Extensively Using RSI, MA, and ATR V2

▮ Version 2, Updates:
1- Improved Code.
2- Made it works on a pre-market session.
3- Improved colors options.
4- User can custom timeframes.
5- It'll show all timeframes.

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