Faytterro Estimator Strategy

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What is "Faytterro Estimator Strategy"?
"Faytterro Estimator Strategy" is strategy of faytterro estimator. if you want to know more about faytterro estimator:
What it does?
It trades according to the signals given by faytterro estimator and some additional restrictions.

How it does it?
Using the faytterro estimator and the following variables, it gives buy and sell signals in different sizes at ideal points.

How to use it?
The "source" part is used to change the source of faytterro estimator.
The "length" is the length of the fayterro estimator.
"Minimum entry-close gap" is the minimum distance between two transactions opened in opposite directions. For example, if you opened long at 20 500 and "Minimum entry-close gap" is 400, you will not receive a sell signal before the price goes above 20900.
If "minimum entry-entry gap" is the minimum difference between two transactions opened in the same direction. For example, if you open long at 20500 level and the "minimum entry-entry gap" is 400, you will not receive a "buy" signal before the price goes below the 20100 level.
"strong entry size" determines the size of strong signals. The size of ordinary signals is always 1.

note: default values for btc/usdt 1 hour timeframe.
Release Notes:
trailing stop loss added.
Release Notes:
default values changed.
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