3 Seas RSI Wave Oscillator

Traditional Triple RSI Oscillator combining a Fast, Normal, and Slow RSI to achieve high accuracy entry and exit strategies. This indicator is UNIQUE because it uses a mathematical filter to trim false signals from the RSI , thus creating a reliable RSI driven entry and exit indicator represented by red and green arrows. For additional functionality divergences are identified and live plotted. UNIQUELY Alongside the 0 axis an OBV function is charted relative to the RSI to allow OBV and RSI divergences to be observed on equal mathematical scales, this is exceedingly useful to observe relative strength at pools of liquidity. The three main configured RSI's are also plotted for traditional usage case but can be removed.

Green arrow indicates a Buy opportunity optimized for standard Dollar Cost Averaging strategies.
Red arrow indicates a Sell opportunity optimized for standard Dollar Cost Averaging strategies.

Not Financial Advice.

Release Notes: Updated Title for cleanliness.
Release Notes: Added Alert Conditions for Buy and Sell conditions.
Release Notes: Modified the User Interface to be more compact and easier to navigate.

Added a dark mode as requested.

Added an additional scalar to the Divergences.

Everything else is the same under the hood.
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