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QFLOW SUITE is a signal-based comprehensive trading suite for trading across all timeframes. It is designed to be a tool for discretionary traders and there are numerous ways to utilize this trading suite.

  • Buy / Sell Signals
  • Candle Coloring
  • Automatic Level Plotting
  • Trend Following System
  • Stop Loss Management System
  • Trend Reversal Mechanisms
  • Volatility Breakout Algorithm
  • Mean Reversion Algorithm

Buy / Sell Signals

There are multiple conditions detected by QFLOW Algorithm which are constantly worked on and improved

Candle Coloring

Color coding allows information compression and helps traders analyze the charts in a simple and intuitive manner. The base coloring is meant for trend following and consists of 3 colors :
Green - Trend up
Grey - Rangebound Consolidation
Red - Trend down

The second type of candle coloring is for the special conditions like buy / sell signals or divergences.

Volatility Breakout Algorithm

This part of the algorithm identifies a volatility breakout before it happens by showing a colored shaded squeeze which happens during consolidation. When a potential breakout is detected, an arrow is printed below or above that candle depending on the direction. Most times a second arrow is needed to signal a confirmed breakout. This arrow will be plotted with a 'B' or 'S' in the same color as the arrow.

False Breakout Detection

The algorithm is taught to detect these kind of false breakouts and prints a signal as an arrow with an 'F' below or above the candle.

Mean Reversion Algorithm

A hybrid algorithm that takes both momentum and mean reversion into account for high accuracy.

Automatic Level Plotting

Stop Loss Management System

QFLOW SUITE contains an adaptive trailing ATR system that can be used for stop loss management. It is plotted as a line below the price when the trend is up and above the price when the trend is down. It is highly effective because it is designed to adapt both to the true range ( a measure of the degree of price volatility ) as well as to the average direction change.

Extreme Background Highlighting
The algorithm is taught to analyze multiple technical components. When this option is turned on it will highlight the background when these extreme conditions are met. These highlights will often occur at the tops or bottoms and during times of high volatility . A trader can use this option as extra confluence when making certain trading decisions like taking profits or closing out trades.
Release Notes:

Release Notes:
  • Added Custom Alert Notifications for all Signals
  • Optimized and Filtered Signals for 5M Scalping and 4H Timeframe
Release Notes:
  • Improved Color Coding
  • Improved 4H Signals
Release Notes:
  • Improved Color Coding
  • Improved 4H Buy Signals
Release Notes:
  • Mean Reversion Algorithm v2
  • Ultra Scalp Mode (Based on QFLOW Scalp Bot - Backtested and Optimized Signals for Low Time Frame Scalping )
  • Redesigned the whole (settings) Menu for clarity and structure
  • Added more options for more customization
  • New Buy signal introduced ( H )
  • Optimized general Buy / Sell signals and added filters
  • Cleaned up the code
  • Improved Color Coding

Mean Reversion Algorithm v2

Ultra Scalp Mode (Based on QFLOW Scalp Bot - Backtested and Optimized Signals for Low Time Frame Scalping )
Release Notes: -
Release Notes: -
Release Notes:
  • Fixed small typo and bug in the code
Release Notes:
  • -
Release Notes:
  • Buy signal invalidations
  • Extra ATR system settings for users
Release Notes:
  • Fixed a bug in the H signals
Release Notes: -
Release Notes: -
Release Notes:
  • Small improvement to the 4H Buy signals
Release Notes:
  • Improved buy signal invalidation
  • Improved buy/sell signals in general
Release Notes:
  • Improved color coding
  • Improved H signals
Release Notes:
  • Improved Top/Bottom Reversal Signals
  • Improved 'Strong' Buy/Sell Signals
Release Notes:
  • Improved Signals
  • Improved reversal mechanism
Release Notes:
  • Improved Signals
  • Improved Trend Following System
Release Notes:
  • Improved Volatility Breakout Algorithm
  • New Invalidations for Bearish breakdown and reversal algorithm (Bearish reversals for now)
  • Better color customization for reversal signal lines ( These lines usually flip into support / resistance )
  • U signals have been limited to 4H / 12H and D until the next update which will dramatically improve it
Release Notes:
  • Removed DO / WO / MO levels ( QF Levels indicator covers these levels )
  • Completely new base code for џ signals
  • Signal Invalidations : ℵ ( See image below for an example )
  • Option to turn of shaded area when a volatility squeeze occurs
  • Improved coloring algorithm and added a new џ divergence (dark blue)
  • Slightly improved the volatility breakout algorithm

Release Notes: QFLOW SUITE v2.1
Release Notes:
  • Fixed small bug
Release Notes:
  • Improved mean reversion algorithm
  • Improved buy / sell signals
  • New bearish continuation signals
  • Improved invalidation signals
  • Improved candle coloring

Release Notes:
  • Choose between low / high sensitivity for mean reversion algorithm
  • Improved extreme buy/sell background highlighting conditions
  • Improved invalidation signals
Release Notes:
  • Improved signals
  • Added smoothed coloring option
Release Notes: .
Release Notes: .

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