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This indicator contains the huge number of 53 MA tools. So, with the Mother of All Moving Averages (MAMA), you can draw any two of these MA tools (that is, almost all the "Moving Average" tools used in the market) in the length and thickness you want.

These MA tools include traditional averages such as SMA , EMA , DEMA, as well as innovative averaging tools such as LFS (Laguerre Filter Smoother), LSMA (Least Square Moving Average), ZLSMA (Zerolag LSMA ) developed by @veryfid and SSMA (Super Smoothed Moving Average ) by John F. Ehlers .

Another great feature of this indicator is that signals can be filtered according to the instant ADX (Average Directional Movement indeX) value of the market. By using this filter, false signals in horizontal markets can be reduced. Also, with the threshold value setting in the ADX filter, calibration can be made for different assets and time frames when desired. In addition, you can color the price bars according to the ADX threshold value you set.

You can also automatically color these drawings in conditional formats as you wish.
If desired, the intersections of the plotted curves can be showed as signals. You can also set alarms for these intersections.

This indicator contains almost twice as many MA tools as the previous Super Moving Average Tools, SMAT indicator. For this reason, they are gathered in two main groups as "Traditional" and "New Generation" MA tools.

These MA tools are listed as follows:

--------- Mostly Traditional MA Tools ---------

LFS : Laguerre Filter Smoother
SMA : Simple Moving Average
EMA : Exponential MA
DEMA : Double EMA
TEMA : Triple EMA
QEMA : Quadrupole EMA @everget
ZLEMA : Zerolag EMA
LRSMA : Linear Regression SMA
LREMA : Linear Regression EMA
TMA : Triangular MA (slow)
TMA v2 : Triangular MA (normal)
TMA v3 : Triangular MA (fast) @Daveatt
SMMA : SMoothed MA
SSMA : Super Smoother MA © 2013 John F. Ehlers
SSF : Super Smoother Filter @DonovanWall
SSeMA : Smoothed SEnsitive MA @BakwaasTrading
WMA : Weighted MA
VWMA : Volume Weighted MA
VWAP : Volume Weighted Average Price
AMA : Adaptive MA @everget
KAMA : Kaufman's Adaptive MA
FrAMA : Fractal Adaptive MA @Shizaru
ALMA : Arnaud Legoux MA

--------- New Generation MA Tools ---------

HMA : Hull MA
EHMA : Exponential HMA @DonovanWall
JMA : Jurik MA @everget
RMA : Relative MA aka Rolling MA
LWMA : Linearly Weighted MA @io72signals
LSMA : Least Square MA
ZLSMA : Zerolag LSMA @veryfid
ARSI : Adaptive Relative Strength Index @everget
WWMA : Welles Wilder's MA @KivancOzbilgic
VMA : Variable MA by Tushar S. Chande,
VIDYA : Variable Index Dynamic Average @KivancOzbilgic
VIDYA v2 : @Mohamed3nan
TSF : True Strength Force @KivancOzbilgic
TILL : Tillson T3 MA @KivancOzbilgic
DAF : Dynamically Adjustable Filter @alexgrover
KFS : Kalman Filter Smoother @alexgrover
PKF : Parametric Kalman Filter @alexgrover
VAMA : Volatility Adjusted MA @Duyck
CTI : Correlation Trend Indicator by John Ehlers
BF : Blackman Filter @alexgrover
MAMA : MESA Adaptive MA aka: Mother of AMA @KivancOzbilgic
FAMA : Following Adaptive MA @KivancOzbilgic
ARMA : Autonomous Recursive MA @alexgrover
ZARMA : Zerolag ARMA @alexgrover
A2RMA : Adaptive ARMA @alexgrover
EDMA : Exponentially Deviating MA @MightyZinger
BLP : Butterworth Low Pass Filter @DonovanWall
GLP : Gaussian Low Pass Filter @DonovanWall
SWMA : Sine Weighted MA @blackcat1402
Release Notes:
  • Added ADX Enter / Exit Zone alarms and signals (▲ ▼)

  • Now, you can color the MA line with their slope values.

  • In this way, you can more accurately predict the direction of the price by automatically coloring the MA lines that are smaller or larger than the threshold you set.

  • You can also add these variable slope values for each MA line in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • Bug fixed on MAMA and FAMA tools.

Release Notes:
Added new MA Tool :

VAMA : Variable Adaptive Moving Average @alexgrover

Thus, the total number of MA tools increased to 54.

You can now use the default "length" and "source" values of the most popular MA tools.

Thus, you can use it directly with the recommended settings for these MA tools.

The "settings" view has been improved for ease of use.
Release Notes:
  • Added a new tool "MDA The McGinley Dynamic Average".

    This is a little-known yet highly reliable indicator invented by John R. McGinley, a chartered market technician and former editor of the Market Technicians Association's Journal of Technical Analysis. Working within the context of moving averages throughout the 1990s, McGinley sought to invent a responsive indicator that would automatically adjust itself in relation to the speed of the market.

    The McGinley Dynamic looks like a moving average line, yet it is actually a smoothing mechanism for prices that turns out to track far better than any moving average. It minimizes price separation, price whipsaws, and hugs prices much more closely. And it does this automatically as a factor of its formula.

  • Bug fixed on SSeMA : Smoothed SEnsitive MA tool.
Release Notes:
  • Now you can change the chart Time Frame, TF (resolution) for each line individually as you wish.

  • Unused 'Use for Indicators' and 'Calibarate' settings removed because they belong to MAMA pro version.
Release Notes:
Improved the quality of ADX Signals.

Accordingly, ADX signals were divided into three parts. These:

▶ : The entrance to the ADX region that is below the threshold you set in "ADX Filter Settings".

▲ : BULL signal is generated if Di+ > Di- when exiting ADX Zone.

▼ : BEAR signal is generated if Di+ < Di- when exiting ADX Zone.
Release Notes:
Edited the ADX Alerts.
Release Notes:
Updated info Chart...
Release Notes:
Added variable color degree values (right top corner) related to Main and Trigger Lines.
Release Notes:
  • Improved the ADX enter / exit signals quality.

  • Now, you can independently change the source type for each line.
Release Notes:
  • Now, you can change location and text size of the line slope degree values. Enjoy...
Release Notes:
  • OTT (Optimized Trend Tracker) has been added to this indicator as the 56th moving average (MA) tool.

    OTT is a great next generation MA tool developed by Anıl Özekşi and shared by Kıvanç Özbilgiç @KivancOzbilgic

  • ADX signals are removed to avoid confusion with other crossing signals.
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
  • Added RF : Range Filter developed by @DonovanWall
Release Notes:
The Super Trend indicator is a very useful indicator used to determine support and resistance levels in trend movements and to find trend breaks.

  • Now you can add Super Trend lines if you want.

  • In addition, alarms have been added to warn you of super trend breaks.
Release Notes:
  • Added MavilimW tool, one of the most popular MA tools, invented by Kıvanç ÖZBİLGİÇ. Thus, the total number of MA tools increased to 60.
  • MAVW : MavilimW @KivancOzbilgic
Release Notes:
  • With this update, you can receive the color changes of the Main Line and Trigger Line lines as a signal.

  • These new signals can also be filtered with the ADX filter.

  • You can also set alarms for these new signals.
Release Notes:
Some bugs fixed...
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