SuperTrended Moving Averages

A different approach to SuperTrend:

adding 100 periods Exponential Moving Average in calculation of SuperTrend and also 0.5 ATR Multiplier to have a clear view of the ongoing trend and also provides significant Supports and Resistances.

Default Moving Average type set as EMA (Exponential Moving Average) but users can choose from 11 different Moving Average types as:

SMA : Simple Moving Average
EMA : Exponential Moving Average
WMA : Weighted Moving Average
DEMA : Double Exponential Moving Average
TMA : Triangular Moving Average
VAR : Variable Index Dynamic Moving Average a.k.a. VIDYA
WWMA : Welles Wilder's Moving Average
ZLEMA : Zero Lag Exponential Moving Average
TSF : True Strength Force
HULL : Hull Moving Average
TILL : Tillson T3 Moving Average

Credits going to @CryptoErge for sharing his development to public.
Release Notes:
added transperency function according to users' comments.
Release Notes:
added Multiple Time Frame function= users can use on higher time frames too
changed white highlighters.

thanks for suggestions
Release Notes:
added transparency option for users to optimize*

Best wishes goes to @LonesomeTheBlue, the king!

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