EMA Crossover Strategy

Moving average crossover systems measure drift in the market. They are great strategies for time-limited people.
So, why don't more people use them?

I think it's due to poor choice in choosing EMA lengths: Market Wizard Ed Seykota has a guideline for moving average crossovers: the slow line should be at least 3x the fast line. This removes a lot of the whipsaws inherent in moving average systems, which means greater profitability. His other piece of advice: long-only strategies are best in stock markets where there's a lot more upside potential.

Using these simple rules, we can reduce a lot of the whipsaws and low profitability trades! This strategy was made so you can see for yourself before trading.

1) Choose your market and timeframe.
2) Choose the length.
3) Choose the multiplier.
4) Choose if the strategy is long-only or bidirectional.

Don't overthink the above! We don't know the best answers, that's why this strategy exists! We're going to test and find out.
After you find a good combination, set up an alert system with the default Exponential Moving Average indicators provided by TradingView.

=== TIPS ===
Increase the multiplier to reduce whipsaws (back and forth trades).
Increase the length to take fewer trades, decrease the length to take more trades.
Try a Long-Only strategy to see if that performs better.

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