ICT HTF Liquidity Levels /w Alert [MsF]

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Japanese below / 日本語説明は英文の後にあります。
*This indicator is based on sbtnc's "HTF Liquidity Levels". It's a very cool indicator. thank you.
It has 3 functions: visualization of HTF liquidity (with alert), candle color change when displacement occurs, and MSB (market structure break) line display.

=== Function description ===

1. HTF liquidity (with alert)
Lines visualize the liquidity pools on the HTF bars. Alerts can be set for each TF's line.
Once the price reaches the line, the line is repaint.
To put it plainly, the old line disappears and a new line appears. The line that disappeared remains as a purged line. (It is also possible to hide the purged line with a parameter)
The alert will be triggered at the moment the line disappears. An alert will be issued when you touch the HTF's liquid pools where the loss is accumulated, so you can notice the stop hunting with the alert.
This alert is an original feature of this indicator.

The timeframe of the HTF can't modify. You can get Monthly, weekly, daily and H1 and H4.
Each timeframe displays the 3 most recent lines. By narrowing it down to 3, it is devised to make it easier to see visually. (This indicator original)

2. Displacement
Change the color display of the candlesticks when a bullish candle stick or bearish candle stick is attached. Furthermore, by enabling the "Require FVG" option, you can easily discover the FVG (Fair Value Gap). It is a very useful function for ICT trading.

3. MSB (market structure break)
Displays High/Low lines for the period specified by the parameter. It is useful for discovering BoS & CHoCH/MSS, which are important in ICT trading.

=== Parameter description ===
- Daily … Daily line display settings (color, line width)
- Weekly … Weekly line display settings (color, line width)
- Monthly … Monthly line display settings (color, line width)
- 1H … 1H line display settings (color, line width)
- 4H … 4H line display settings (color, line width)
- PURGED LIQUIDITY … Display setting of the line once the candle reaches
- Show Purge Daily … Daily purged line display/non-display setting
- Show Purge Weekly … Weekly purged line display/non-display setting
- Show Purge Monthly … Monthly purged line display/non-display setting
- Show Purge 1H … 1H purged line display/non-display setting
- Show Purge 4H … 4H purged line display/non-display setting
- Loopback … Period for searching High/Low
- Require FVG … Draw only when FVG occurs
- Displacement Type … Displacement from open to close? or from high to low?
- Displacement Length … Period over which to calculate the standard deviation
- Displacement Strength … The larger the number, the stronger the displacement detected

このインジケータはsbtncさんの"HTF Liquidity Levels"をベースに作成しています。
上位足流動性の可視化(アラート付き)、変位発生時のローソク色変更、MSB(market structure break)ライン表示の3つの機能を有します。




さらに"Require FVG"オプションを有効にすることで、FVG(Fair Value Gap)を容易に発見することができます。ICTトレードにを行うにあたり大変有用な機能となっています。

■MSB(market structure break)ライン表示
パラメータで指定した期間のHigh/Lowをライン表示します。ICTトレードで重要視しているBoS & CHoCH/MSSの発見に役立ちます。

- Daily … 日足ライン表示設定(色、線幅)
- Weekly … 週足ライン表示設定(色、線幅)
- Monthly … 月足ライン表示設定(色、線幅)
- 1H … 1時間足ライン表示設定(色、線幅)
- 4H … 4時間足ライン表示設定(色、線幅)
- PURGED LIQUIDITY … 一度到達したラインの表示設定
- Show Purge Daily … 日足ライン表示/非表示設定
- Show Purge Weekly … 週足ライン表示/非表示設定
- Show Purge Monthly … 月足ライン表示/非表示設定
- Show Purge 1H … 1時間足ライン表示/非表示設定
- Show Purge 4H … 4時間足ライン表示/非表示設定
- Loopback … High/Lowを探索する期間
- Require FVG … FVG発生時のみ描画する
- Displacement Type … openからcloseまでの変位か?highからlowまでの変位か?
- Displacement Length … 標準偏差を計算する期間
- Displacement Strength … 変位の強さ(数字が大きいほど強い変位を検出)
Release Notes:
Added Market Structure Break - MBS with alerts. The break sign is displayed on the chart at break.

MSB(Market Structure Break)をブレークした場合にアラートを発報できるように変更しました。
Release Notes:
Added option to choose when to refresh the purge line. For example, when you select it for "1M" it clean up each Monthly, so you can show the purge line when looking at weekly chart. (Default is "Daily")
Release Notes:
Added input for liquidity line drawing start/end position on parameter. You can enter the offset from the latest bar.
Release Notes:
Below is a description of the start/end offset and red/green break style settings.

Release Notes:
Improved so that the number of liquidity lines that can be displayed can be changed with a parameter.
Release Notes:
Fixed you can "Require FVG" selected.
Release Notes:
Added notifications when displacement occurs function. You can choose it on TV alert setting.

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