Hermes Scalping Study by Zekis

A simple scalping indicator, based on Highs and Lows.

It's working in any timeframe, the only condition is ... volatility .

Values are already set, but you can change them according to your preferences and to your chart.

Alerts are enabled.


Open-source script

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does this repaint?
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Hi, would you recommend the alerts be set on once per bar / once per bar close
Thanks for sharing. I'm new to scripts... Can this be used on ThinkorSwim?
Going to try it tomorrow. Thanks Zekis!!
Just added it to my favorite scripts but where do I find it?
Plz give me LIFETIME access to this AMAZING indicator, use in it conjunction with ichi moku on 30m 1h 2h and 4h time frames
edward_Z ivelezv4
@ivelezv4, Hi there, it's free to use :)
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Are you working with this indicator, worth to test it?
ChasinAlts kizenbahs
@kizenbahs, I have actually found it to be a pretty darn good indicator...of course i use it in conjunction with others.
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xadehshah ChasinAlts
@ChasinAlts, which other do you suggest bro?
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